Schools' communications department wins PR awards

Clayton County Public Schools' Department of Communication has earned two Golden Achievement awards from the National School Public Relations Association.

The department was recognized for its "Welcome Back to School" initiative, and a program that results in bi-weekly story tip sheets for members of the media.

In its "Welcome Back to School" initiative, the annual Day ONE program, and the district's Media Liaison Program, were cited.

"We are excited that two district communications initiatives have been honored on an international level," said Charles White, director of communications for the district. "The two winning projects promote community engagement and public awareness of our schools, our students, and our employees."

The Day One initiative is an effort to get community leaders, public servants, local business leaders, and parents to come to Clayton County's schools on the first day of school each year, to welcome students back for another year of learning. It is overseen by School System Community Relations Liaison Rhonda Burnough.

The Media Liaison Program involves school-level volunteers, who are responsible for collecting announcements about their school's upcoming events, and awards won by students at the school, and passing the information along to School System Spokesperson Jackie Evans. Evans, in turn, compiles the information into "School Beats," which is a tip sheet for members of the media.

Reporters can then use "School Beats" to plan their coverage of upcoming events within the school system.