'Pace Sisters' headline free concert tonight

The City of Riverdale will host a free gospel concert this evening at 8 p.m., starring the "The Anointed Pace Sisters," also known as "TAPS."

The concert, which is the second in the city's free, annual summer concert series, will also feature the talents of other local artists, including "The Lamar Sisters," and gospel-jazz musician, Clifford "Maestro" Duckworth.

The outside concert will take place on the grounds of Riverdale City Hall, located at 6690 Church St.

Lonnie Ballard, assistant city manager and director of community, cultural affairs, and leisure services, said the event will be a treat for the faith-based community. He said the songs of the Atlanta-based "TAPS" are known worldwide.

"We're featuring all gospel music, for tonight's concert," he said. "This is our way of including all of the faith-based organizations that have been so helpful to the city.

"They [TAPS] are national recording artists," he said, "so people really love them, not just in Atlanta, but all over the world. We're blessed just to have them in our backyard, and be able to tap into that resource."

Ballard said the concert will also feature local gospel rapper, "Dino," as well as local gospel performing artist, "ReGinae."

Concert attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs. For more information, call (770) 909-5385, or visit www.riverdalega.gov.