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HMC employees raise $70,000 for campaign

By Jason A. Smith

The Henry Medical Center (HMC) Foundation is celebrating the success of an annual program, designed to raise money for the hospital through employee contributions.

The foundation's 2010 Employee Campaign raised $70,000 during the 2010 fiscal year, according to its executive director, Adam Stanfield.

"We are very excited about the success of the campaign, which represents more than a 10-percent increase over last year," Stanfield said. "We've reached out farther into the Henry Medical Center community to educate employees to the importance of supporting the foundation. That support allows us to expand programs and services, in addition to purchasing equipment to support those efforts."

Funds from the endeavor, he said, will go toward the purchase of a LifeNet Stemi, a device which will enable emergency-medical technicians to communicate electrocardiogram (EKG) results to HMC's Emergency Department. An EKG measures a patient's heart activity.

Kay Neal is the director of HMC's Emergency Department. She said the LifeNet Stemi will have a positive impact on the level of care given to patients in need of emergency services.

"All [emergency] services have the ability to do an EKG in the field," Neal said. "But, they don't have the ability to transmit those results to us from the field. That is what the device will enable us to do. This further enables us to meet our standard of care."

She added that the device will also benefit the hospital's angioplasty program, which is scheduled to begin later this year, or in early 2011.

An angioplasty, said Neal, is a process used by medical personnel to widen an obstructed blood vessel.

"If a patient needs an angioplasty, we will be able to make that determination and get in here by the time the patient arrives, or shortly thereafter," Neal continued.

For more information on the Henry Medical Center Foundation Employee Campaign, call Adam Stanfield, at (678) 604-5018.