NAACP hosts transportation discussion

By Joel Hall


The Clayton County chapter of the NAACP will host an information session, and discussion, about the future of public transportation in Clayton County. The session will take place on Monday, June 28, at 7 p.m., at the Clayton County Community Services Authority building, located at 1000 Main St., in Forest Park.

Rev. Joseph Wheeler, chairman of the Clayton NAACP Religious Affairs Committee, said the purpose of the meeting will be to disseminate facts concerning the termination of the C-TRAN bus service, inform people of possible local and state funding options for public transportation, and discuss transportation alternatives.

"Our main purpose is to inform the citizens of Clayton County, particularly those who are concerned about public transportation, about the facts concerning C-TRAN and the future of public transportation in Clayton County. We'll talk about the history of C-TRAN, some of the problems that faced us, and why the transit system had to be terminated, but we will also talk about possibilities and explore other options. We are going to talk about sources of funding and how to prevent a crisis like we have now, with no public transportation [being available]."

Wheeler said Clayton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Eldrin Bell has been invited to discuss the issues leading to the termination of C-TRAN, and State Rep. Mike Glanton (D-Ellenwood) has been invited to speak about the options the state has given Clayton County to fund public transportation.

"We want to explain to the voters what is being proposed," Wheeler said. "We know that there is an optional sales tax on the referendum. We want to understand that. What would it mean if we were to connect to MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)? We certainly don't want to become the highest-taxed county in the state, if there are other alternatives. We believe if we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution to the transit problem."

For more information, contact the Clayton NAACP at (770) 471-0669.