Atlanta Fine Cars cited by code enforcement

By Maria-Jose Subiria


The owner of a Clayton County car dealership has been cited for having cars parked on the right-of-way of Tara Boulevard, and the vehicles were impounded.

Atlanta Fine Cars, located at 7250 Tara Blvd., was advertising 11 vehicles "for sale," and using the area as part of its used car lot, according to Lt. Tina Daniel, public information officer for the Clayton County Police Department.

Daniel said the 11 citations are the largest number a car dealership in Clayton County has received from the police department. The owner must now answer the charges in Clayton's Magistrate Court, she added.

Clayton's Code Enforcement Unit cited Fisalali Ghavamzadeh, 45, owner of Atlanta Fine Cars, for allegedly having the 11 cars parked on the right-of-way of Tara Boulevard, in front of the dealership, said Daniel.

"It is in violation of county ordinances to have any ... objects impeding right-of-ways in the county," Daniel said during a phone interview Monday.

She said objects left on the right-of-way of a street block space for motorists in need of pulling over in an emergency, or a vehicle accident. She said such vehicles also block passage for pedestrians walking on sidewalks, and causes zoning problems.

Daniel said before the citations were written around 3 p.m., and the vehicles were impounded, code enforcement officers advised the dealership's employees of the code violations.

Initially, employees said they were unable to reach Ghavamzadeh and could not locate the keys to the 11 vehicles. "After we began to impound the cars, not only did they find their keys, but got in touch with the owner," said Daniel.

She said the dealership was cited, and the vehicles were impounded, in response to complaints from the community about ordinance violations of businesses on Tara Boulevard, and the negative image it adds to the county.

"The community wants Tara Boulevard the way it used to be, and we are doing everything legally, within our power, to ensure our businesses in our county are following [rules]," she said.

Daniel said the police department is closely working with Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services, the Clayton County Community Development Office, and other agencies to ensure that the county continues to appeal to its citizens and visitors.