Do you know where you are going? - James C. Bell

I heard a story recently about Rev. Billy Graham's 90th birthday.

It seems the Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte, N.C., wanted to honor Mr. Graham on his birthday, so they contacted him and said: "We want to have a dinner to celebrate your 90th birthday. Would you allow us to do this?"

Billy refused, at first, saying he didn't want to give a speech on such an occasion. The chamber president reportedly said, "We don't expect you to do more than stand and acknowledge the audience. Just say whatever you like, and this will be perfectly alright."

Billy agreed, reluctantly.

On the evening of the well-attended banquet when it was time for the great evangelist to speak, he arose and thanked the audience, and asked this question: "Do you know where you are going?"

Every person in the audience knew this was a spiritual question. Then, Billy told the story of the renowned Dr. Albert Einstein's experience on a train. He said Dr. Einstein was enjoying his ride when he saw the conductor enter the car, and begin punching each person's ticket. He reached in his coat pocket for his ticket, but it wasn't there, nor was it in any of his pockets.

The conductor saw his plight and said, "Dr. Einstein, I know who you are, and that you are an honest man; please don't worry about your ticket. "You don't have to find it."

Dr. Einstein continued to look on the floor and under his seat, and said to the conductor: "I've got to find that ticket, so I know where I'm going!"

Then, Billy said; "It would be a good idea for each of you to check your ticket and be sure of where you are going!"

Now, I really don't know if this story is true, but you must admit it got your full attention. I hope it caused you to think seriously about the answer to this all-important, spiritual question.

At this particular time in your life, it is critical for you to honestly answer this question affirmatively -- "Yes, I know where I am going because of my faith and belief in Jesus Christ."

This essential relationship with Jesus Christ will bring confidence to the believer and joy and peace to his heart.

If you have not made your peace with God, why not put your faith and trust in Jesus and know for sure where you are going when you die? There's no way any of us can know if we will have a tomorrow, or not, so, please don't put off this decision.

Dr. Einstein was a brilliant man, and I have read that he said he believed in God. If such a remarkable mind could accept the truth of God, who should doubt the existence and saving power of God?

The Bible plainly tells us of the love of God and His Will to save us from Hell. The most familiar verse in the whole Bible, John 3:16, makes it very clear we have a choice to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved.

Please, give careful attention to where you are spiritually, and take the appropriate action TODAY.

It's my prayer that you will.