County hosting Easter events for children, teens

By Joel Hall


The Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department is not putting all of its eggs into one basket this weekend. They will be spread throughout Clayton County International Park, and at the bottom of the pool at the Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center.

The department will host its annual Spring Egg'stravaganza Youth Egg Hunt on Saturday, from 1 to 4 p.m., at Clayton County International Park, located at 2300 Ga. Highway 138 in Jonesboro. Shortly thereafter, the department will host a new event -- the Teen Aqua Egg'stravaganza -- from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center, located at 9045 Tara Blvd., in Jonesboro.

Lindsey DeLong, marketing and sales specialist for the Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department, said Saturday's free events will mark the "kick off" of the department's spring and summer programming season. Unlike other Easter celebrations which focus on young children, this Saturday will have something for kids and teenagers.

"It's a two-part event," DeLong said. "The first portion will be at International Park. That will be more of an outdoor spring festival. It's going to have outdoor activities. We'll have some concession areas, popcorn, cotton candy machines. This is geared more toward youth.

"The second half will be geared toward teens," she continued. "Teenagers are always looking for something new and exciting. With us doing this aqua egg hunt, they feel more like a teenager. It's more of a competition."

DeLong said the Spring Egg'stravaganza Youth Egg Hunt will take place in the softball area of St. Barts Pavilion, with egg races, "egg-in-a-haystack" games, arts and crafts, face painting, and other activities scheduled. An Easter egg hunt will start at 2:30 p.m., with a special appearance from the Easter Bunny.

The Teen Aqua Egg'stravaganza, however, will be an underwater egg hunt with weighted eggs scattered throughout the Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center pool. Eggs will be hidden at different depths and teens will be given prizes for recovering the most eggs.

Parks and Recreation Department Special Programs Manager Shawna Nelms said the department is in the midst of establishing "teen clubs," and that the aquatic egg hunt would serve as a launch pad for other events it plans to host in the future.

"This is one of the most teen-friendly things we have done," Nelms said. "This was created specifically to reach out to the teens of Clayton County. We thought that would be something to draw them in ... you can enjoy Easter at any age."

Both activities on Saturday will feature food, prizes, and music, according to DeLong. The Spring Egg'stravaganza Youth Egg Hunt will be limited to children ages 12 and under and the Teen Aqua Egg'stravaganza will be for teens ages 13 to 17 (picture identification required).

Only those with approved swim wear will be allowed to participate in the Teen Aqua Egg'stravaganza. Cut-off shorts, bikinis, and basketball shorts will not be allowed.

For more information, call (770) 603-4005 or (770) 603-4001.