Attorney: Arrest caused woman's miscarriage

By Michael Davis


The attorney for a woman recently arrested on an obstruction charge, by Clayton County authorities, claims police and sheriff's deputies caused the termination of her two-month pregnancy.

Arnett W. Mumford, III, said Tuesday that authorities used "excessive force" in arresting his client, Shennielle Youhoing-Nanan, on March 2.

He said he has filed complaints with the Clayton County Sheriff's Office and the Clayton County Police Department.

Police said Youhoing-Nanan, 43, was arrested after repeated attempts to serve her with citations for animal control violations. Police said she was keeping 12 dogs of various breeds, in unsanitary conditions, in the back yard of her Staten Street home in Jonesboro.

County ordinances permit residents to keep no more than five dogs or five cats, or a combination of five, according to Clayton County Police Officer Otis Willis, III, if the animals are over four months of age.

According to a police report on the woman's arrest, an officer obtained a warrant on an obstruction charge after she refused to answer her door.

In a statement released Tuesday, Mumford's law firm said authorities created an "atmosphere of fear and panic that ultimately led to the loss of Mrs. Youhoing-Nanan's unborn child."

Mumford said the complaints were filed with the sheriff's office and police department on Friday. On Tuesday, Willis confirmed that a complaint had been received by the police department and that the department was conducting an internal investigation. He declined to comment further.

Clayton County Sheriff's Sgt. Sonja Sanchez said she could not confirm, Tuesday evening, whether a complaint had been received by the sheriff's office.