Making Georgia premier state for cancer care - WILLIAM J. TODD

To the editor:

If you, or a loved one, had cancer, would you want to leave your home state in order to get the best possible cancer care?

The Georgia Cancer Coalition, an independent, not-for-profit organization, is working to reduce cancer-related deaths and make Georgia a premier state for cancer care.

To achieve that mission, a key Coalition focus is on research. Cancer research accelerates improvements in prevention, early detection, and treatment.

How can you help? Look for Line 29 on your State Income Tax Form 500, and "pick an amount and make it count" as a voluntary donation to the Georgia Cancer Research Fund.

Since 2003, Georgians have donated $2.75 million. Each dollar is matched by philanthropic and community resources, resulting in $5.5 million to fund research into the causes, treatments, and cures for cancer. Cancer Research Awards provide seed money for pilot studies, which have the potential of attracting larger, more prestigious national grant awards.

Every dollar donated goes directly to cancer clinicians and scientists doing research in Georgia. For more information, and a form to give your tax preparer, visit www.georgiacancer.org. Your support is appreciated.


President and Chief Executive Officer

The Georgia Cancer Coalition