Bunny Hop ushers in Spring at Senior Center

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

By Diane Glidewell


Most of the party-goers were dressed in shades of green for the Bunny Hop at the Butts County Senior Center because the celebration in honor of Easter and Spring happened to fall on another festive date, St. Patrick's day, the day for honoring Irish congeniality as well as the patron saint of Ireland.

"Congeniality" was the message of the day: there were decorations, a table loaded with inviting snack foods, music by the exuberant Jessi James and "BJ the DJ", karaoke, and prizes from candy to candles to Easter baskets. Valerie Campbell tried to stump the guests with trivia from 1958: How much was the price of a gallon of gas? Which TV show had a character named "Mr. Greenjeans?" Which TV Show had characters named "Bud," "Princess," and "Kitten?" What was the popular style for blue jeans in the 1950's? Who was president during the majority of the 1950's? What did a postage stamp cost? [Answers below]

In spite of the dreary, unspringlike weather outside, one can say a good time was had inside at the Bunny Hop.

Answers: 25 cents; Captain Kangaroo; Father Knows Best; rolled up cuffs; Dwight D. Eisenhower; 3 cents.