Five ways to support the Arts in Butts County

1. Attend the Fine Arts Festival on May 8, and buy art!

2. Join the Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts. Information about membership levels and membership forms will be available at the show.

3. Make a donation to the Permanent Collection Fund. Every year the Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts purchases one or two pieces to place in our permanent collection housed in the County Administration Building. Check out the wonderful works by local and statewide talent the next time you go in. You may donate to the Council and specify that you want your money to go toward the Permanent Collection Fund. We have the beginnings of a Butts County Art Center/Museum already in place!

4. Become a part of the Purchase Award Program. Purchase a minimum of $300 in Arts Council Vouchers. These vouchers will be accepted like cash by the Festival Artists and you will be given change. You or your business will be recognized as Purchase Award Sponsors. A blue ribbon will be placed on display with the artist you choose to support with your patron dollars.

5. Make a donation to our Scholarship Fund. The Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts offers scholarships to Jackson High School students who want to study at colleges or art schools across Georgia. These students are chosen by recommendation from school counselors and art teachers to the Council. Work must be submitted. The scholarship is not awarded every year.