Join local businesses in Purchase Award Program

Join Businesses and Individuals who have already become patrons and participate in Purchase Award Program.

May and Carter; Carmichael Insurance Agency; Central Georgia EMC; State Farm of Monticello; United Bank of Jackson; and several individuals have signed on as Purchase Award Patrons so far.

A strong patron purchase award program shows a community behind their arts! These businesses and individuals know the festival courts high quality artists, and by pre purchasing patron dollars, they assure a successful festival. Many of the artists that visit our show are featured in high-end festivals across the country, we are thrilled that they take the time to show with us.

Patron Awards allow individuals and businesses to add to their collection on a regular basis while supporting the arts community.

These above listed patrons have promised to purchase at least $300 worth of art at the show and will participate in awarding ribbons to the artists they support.

Patron Awards are available now by calling Scott Coleman at 770-775-3019.

Purchase Award Patron will be given recognition on the day of the Festival as well as in subsequent print stories.