McDonough upgrading water system

By Valerie Baldowski


Construction of a new million-gallon, elevated, water-storage tank in McDonough is scheduled to begin next month, according to City Administrator Billy Beckett.

The new tower, and its accompanying water lines, will be part of a $1,733,354 project to improve the city's water system, said Beckett.

The work is aimed at keeping up with the demand for water in the city, according to Public Works Director Lee Hearn. "The water tank is needed to provide additional storage to meet increasing demand on our water system," Hearn said. "The water-line work will tie in with the new water tank, and will provide a loop feed to the residents off Racetrack Road."

"The addition of McDonough's new million-gallon water tower will enhance the city's ability to provide quality water service for years to come," said Steve Cox, operations manager for the McDonough water treatment plant. "This new tower will extend the city's water supply by two extra days, and will increase the city's firefighting capabilities."

The work will be done by Caldwell Tanks, Inc., out of Louisville, KY., at a cost of $1,488,000, said Beckett. New water lines are also being laid, and existing lines upgraded throughout the city. That work is being done by Smith Pipeline, Inc., out of Fairburn, at a cost of $245,354.85, he said.

The money for both projects is from funds collected through the city's Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST), which was approved by voters in McDonough and Henry County, said Beckett.

"The elevated water-storage tank will be constructed at the intersection of Travis Drive and Racetrack Road," he said. "While related tasks associated with permitting, engineering, etc., have commenced, actual construction on the ... storage tank will likely not begin until the latter part of June, and is scheduled for completion at the end of February 2011."

Beckett said there will be some water disruption associated with the work. "Residents, businesses, and others in the project area are advised that the nature of this work may, and likely will, result in temporary water service outages," he said, "and the city and the contractor will make every effort to insure that such disruptions are minimized, and that those impacted are notified in advance, wherever possible.

"Further, citizens and others traveling through this area, and along these routes, may experience occasional traffic disruptions, including the likelihood of temporary road-lane closures, especially on the affected portion of Racetrack Road."

Construction on the water lines began May 10, and is scheduled to be completed by July 19, said Beckett.

The affected work area for the water lines includes the following roads:

* McGarity Road and Tomlinson Street; construction is scheduled for May 10 through May 24.

* Racetrack Road; construction is scheduled for May 31 through June 14.

* Iris Lake Road; construction is scheduled for June 21 through July 5.

The final work associated with the water lines project will be completed between July 12 and July 19, Beckett said.

Currently, the city has two water-storage tanks -- at Richard Craig Park on Ga. Highway 155, and near Sloan Street -- to serve the needs of its water customers, said Hearn.