Shots fired at Riverdale man escaping home invasion

By Maria-Jose Subiria


Police are looking for three males, who allegedly tried to shoot a 19-year-old Riverdale man, who was escaping from the trio's clutches, during a reported home invasion Monday.

"We have a couple of leads that we have at this time," said Lt. Tina Daniel, public information officer for the Clayton County Police Department.

The home invasion victim, Kwame Lundy, described the three suspects as black male teenagers, about 5 feet, 8-inches tall, and he added that he is not familiar with any of them, according to police.

Lundy told police the trio came to his Brookstone Road residence, and after he responded to a knock on his front door, one suspect, who was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, placed a handgun between his eyes.

"Lay it down," Lundy said he was ordered, and the two other suspects entered his townhouse, according to police.

"The victim stated that he laid down in the entryway until one of the suspects told him to get up and come with them," police reported.

Lundy said he was led to the living room area of the home, and was told by the first suspect to lay down on the floor. Then, the second suspect, wearing a burgundy T-shirt and blue-jean shorts, joined the first suspect in Lundy's kitchen, according to police.

Lundy said the one suspect instructed another suspect wearing a black T-shirt and blue-jean shorts, to take Lundy's laptop computer and cellular phone from the couch, according to Clayton County police officers A. Marbury and J. Williams, in their incident report.

Lundy said, while two of the suspects rambled around in the kitchen, he stood up, and ran out the door, according to police. He was shot at with a handgun, by the lone gunman among the three, according to Lt. Daniel.

Lundy said he ran across Brookstone Road, and the gun-toting suspect ran behind and shot at him, according to police. Three bullet holes were found in another residence in the neighborhood, according to police.

The victim's Dell laptop and MetroPCS touch cellular phone, valued at $400, were stolen, according to Lt. Daniel.

"The three black males all ran behind the residence toward Flat Shoals Road," police reported. An officer and his K-9 unit were unsuccessful in tracking them.