Teen burglary suspect held on $30,000 bond

By Jason A. Smith


A Locust Grove teenager was behind bars on $30,000 bond Monday for allegedly stealing nearly $900 worth of video-game equipment from a local home.

Devin Jay Bryson, 18, is charged with burglary. He appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Monday, represented by the Public Defender's Office.

The suspect waived his right to a preliminary hearing, and Judge Robert Godwin bound the case over to Superior Court.

Henry County Police began investigating the case April 12, at the Locust Grove home on Mohican Maze. According to a police report submitted by Officer Valdie Lurch, the victim was awakened at approximately 12:10 a.m., to the sound of her dog barking.

"She got up, turned on her bedroom light, walked into the kitchen, turned on the kitchen light, then the dog stopped barking," Lurch wrote. "[The victim] said she went back to bed not knowing than an unknown person(s) entered her home without permission."

The victim's son reportedly told police he had left the house at approximately 7 p.m., the night before police were called, and returned home at about 2 p.m., on April 12. The son discovered items were gone from his bedroom, according to Officer Lurch's report.

"He noticed his Sony Playstation 3, numerous video games, and his Acer mini-laptop were all missing," according to the police report. "He noticed his shoe boxes were moved, his dresser was pulled away from the wall, his window was open and there were pry marks on the window frame," Officer Lurch reported.

The total value of the stolen items, according to police, was $891.

Lurch reported the police was unable to obtain fingerprint evidence, and there were no witnesses.

Police obtained a warrant for Bryson's arrest in the case May 11. According to the warrant, the suspect pawned the stolen items April 12.

Bryson was booked into the Henry County Jail Sunday. Authorities did not release additional details on the case Monday.