McDonough teen club owner won't reopen

By Jason A. Smith


A McDonough Police detective said the FBI is assisting the department in efforts to try to determine who is responsible for racially charged graffiti at a club for teenagers in McDonough.

McDonough Police Detective Mark Fellows said the FBI has joined efforts with his agency, to find who spray-painted graffiti on, and around, the 4Citys Teen Club on Racetrack Road in May.

"We were contacted by the FBI due to the fact that there were racial slurs present, and they are also assisting in the investigation," Fellows said.

The club served as a gathering spot for teens for just six weeks, before the club's owner, Illisa Morris, closed its doors last month. She cited the damage, and her concerns for the safety of teens who frequented the club.

McDonough Police reportedly found racial slurs spray-painted on the building, on May 4, and again between May 8 and May 10. Fellows said police also saw eggs which were thrown on the back of the club's building, and Molotov cocktails at the rear of the facility.

"There was a gas can, with some Molotov cocktails that had been prepared, found at the back side of the building," Fellows said in May. "But they had not been lighted, or thrown at the building."

Morris said she wanted to continue the outlet for teens to gather, but said she does not plan to reopen in McDonough.

"I will not be going back there ... for safety reasons," she said.

Morris said she would like to ask a couple of questions, of the persons responsible for damaging 4Citys.

"What are they trying to get out of this?" Morris said. "Why are they trying to stop kids from having clean fun?"

Morris said she is seeking work to support herself and her son, while determining where to open another club.

The FBI agent reportedly assigned to the case could not be reached for comment on Friday.