Two indicted in burglary case

By Jason A. Smith


Two men are scheduled to appear in Henry County Superior Court June 26, to answer allegations that they burglarized the home of a Clayton County Police officer.

Kenneth Amos Culpepper, 20, of Hampton, and J. Robert William Ormond, 21, of Locust Grove, are each charged with burglary. They are accused of an April 4 burglary at the home of Culpepper's former stepfather, Clayton County Police Lt. Scott Stubbs.

Culpepper and Ormond were indicted by a grand jury May 20, and were being held in the Henry County Jail Friday on $2,500 bond each.

The next step in the case, according to Henry County District Attorney Tommy Floyd, is arraignment for Culpepper and Ormond.

"They will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty," Floyd said. "If they plead not guilty, they will be put on the trial calendar for the July term." Floyd did not comment further on the charges against the suspects.

Henry County Police said the pair allegedly took $280 worth of items, including a Black & Decker hedge clipper, a Black & Decker Edge Hog, a John Deere trimmer and a five-gallon gas can filled with gas, from a shed on Stubbs' property.

"A neighbor saw them take the items, and called police," Henry County Police Sgt. Rene Swanson said in the initial days of the case. Stubbs, she added, had "not seen Culpepper in years," prior to the alleged burglary.

The suspects' attorney, Public Defender Gary Bowman, could not be reached for comment on Friday.