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California humor not funny - REV. JANICE L. BLISSIT

To the editor:

I resent Will Drust's column in the Thursday, Oct. 28 edition of Henry Herald (and Clayton News Daily) complaining that "We the people, have become Helen Keller. Blind. Deaf, And Dumb. With an emplasis on the later."

He surely does not know the Helen Keller I admire. She was, indeed, Blind, deaf, and mute, and being from Alabama, I know a lot about her.

She became an educated person, who learned to speak, and became famous, making speeches and appearances all over the wolrd. Mr. Durst needs to visit her birth place in North Alabama and learn about her accomplishments, and read of world-wide voices praising her.

Would that we all had the sense and courage of Helen Keller. Also, someone needs to remind Mr. Durst that the word "dumb" is no longer appropiate when speaking of persons who cannot speak.

Are we "the people" supposed to assume that he is trying to be funny?

That may be California humor, but it would not be in Alabama.