Morrow resident spends retirement making big displays

People are often asked what they are going to do with their lives after they retire.

Some choose to take a trip around the world. Others may decide to spend all of their time fishing.

Morrow resident, Eia Plenty, 61, a retired cosmetologist, said she has thought BIG during her retirement. She said she has taken up the hobby of creating big displays at her home for every major holiday.

"I do every holiday -- Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Fourth of July," she said. "It's something that keeps me occupied, and everybody loves it."

Her most recent display, for Halloween, included a lot of lights, some ghosts, a person on a motorcycle, inflatable spiders, witches and pumpkins. Oh, and there was one giant, inflatable, black cat, with glowing yellow eyes, that was almost as tall as Plenty's one-story home.

But, Halloween is now over with. In less than a month, the ghoulish imagery will be out at Plenty's home, and the Indians, Pilgrims, and turkeys will be in.

Because that is how she rolls during her retirement.

-- Curt Yeomans