Water Authority has record cleanup turnout

The Clayton County Water Authority had a record number of volunteers come out to its recent "2010 Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup," said officials of the Water Authority.

The authority's Storm Water Management Section hosted the event, in which 198 volunteers picked up trash, litter and other debris at Beaver Dam Creek, in Independence Park, in Jonesboro, officials said. The event is hosted the authority every fall.

"Having so many volunteers enabled us to spread out beyond the creek itself," said Kevin Osbey, manager of the Storm Water Management division, in a prepared statement.

"We were able to fill two large trucks with all kinds of trash and litter, and items that had been dumped there, such as bikes, carpet, tires, a truck door and even a large plastic slide. We can't thank these folks enough for spending their morning cleaning up the creek, and the area around it."

— Maria-José Subiria