Can America survive these evil times? - James C. Bell

Today, we hear of so much crime and evil happening all over our country. People are stealing everything they can get their hands on, from money, to anything they can sell or pawn. Robbers are driving stolen cars into high-end clothing stores and grabbing all the expensive items they can carry.

They are invading private homes, even while families are there, to take money, jewelry, flat-screen televisions, computers and other valuable items they can sell to get cash.

I recently heard of thieves stealing scrap metal to sell to the junk yards, and we hear, everyday, of crooks stealing copper wiring out of homes, or taking air conditioners for the expensive metal they contain. It seems nothing is safe anymore in today's evil world.

These are the little thieves, who are bad enough, but just look at what our politicians are doing to our government: They pass expensive bills, like the recent health-care bill that America simply cannot afford, and drive up our debt, which must be gotten under control.

They even tack their personal "ear marks" onto bills that must be passed -- like the bill for our military -- to be sure they get the money they want for their pet projects. Never mind how much it runs up our national debt.

They create new departments to administer these new laws, which cost taxpayers too much. Add it all up, and we have to print money -- borrow from other countries -- to pay our bills. If this doesn't change, we may well find ourselves in bankruptcy.

We might well ask, just how did we get into such an environment like we have today? We could blame it on the use of dope, for so many seem hooked on drugs and have to steal to support their habit. We could say it's because so many folks are out of work and cannot find jobs, or pay their bills, so they turn to a life of crime.

Or we could say it's because of the housing bubble bursting, and creating a huge loss of jobs and huge amounts of foreclosures, with banks failing from bad loans and a lack of proper government regulation, which allowed people to buy homes they couldn't afford.

Yes, we could state all of these facts and be partially right, for many people are out of work and are desperate for ways to pay their bills. But, in a Christian country, should not the people have integrity and honesty and determine to work things out legally without resorting to crime?

One of the huge problems we have today is that too many people are ignoring God and His teachings in the Bible, and resorting to breaking the law to survive. On the other hand, too many Christians are not obeying God and are ignoring their brothers' sinful condition, when they should counsel them and share the truth of God with them.

Every Christian should pray for the courage to share Jesus Christ with his sinful brother or sister, and help him or her to find the way back to God. For far too long, we Christians have ignored the command of Christ to witness to sinful men and women, and win them to Him.

Actually, winning a lost person to Jesus is relatively easy: First, we must get our life right with God. We must spend time in prayer, asking Jesus to forgive us and teach us how to approach others who are without God. Then, we can either learn an outline of a few scriptures, like John 3:16, John 3:23, John 6:23, and Romans 10:8, 9, and ask Jesus to fill us with the Holy Spirit.

Then, look for a lost person with whom to share Jesus.

I pray you will!