CSU official: Spring semester registration up

By Curt Yeomans


Just days ago, the University System of Georgia reported that Clayton State University's fall 2010 semester enrollment is the highest ever for a CSU fall semester.

An enrollment official from the Morrow-based school released registration figures for the spring 2011 semester on Friday, which indicates that the school could now be poised to set a new all-time enrollment record.

Last spring, Clayton State had an enrollment of 6,687 students, which is an all-time high for the university. Earlier this week, the university system announced that Clayton State's fall 2010 enrollment slipped just slightly, to 6,604 pupils, but that is still higher than the fall 2009 enrollment of 6,587 students.

But, spring registration is already ahead of what it was for the spring 2010 semester, according to Mark DaDonna, the university's interim associate vice president for enrollment management.

He added that the school will have far more potential, new students participating in today's spring semester orientation day than is usual for the first orientation date for a new semester.

"We have 190 potential new students participating in our first orientation day for the spring semester, and we're really excited about that," DaDonna said. "Usually, at the first orientation, we have 125 students, to 140 students participating. Also, we're in the middle of registration right now, and 4,266 [current] students have registered for the spring semester, and registration will be ongoing until early December.

"Last year, at this time, we had only 4,200 students registered for the spring [2010] semester, so we're really excited about that as well," DaDonna added.

The enrollment official noted that Clayton State has received 1,365 applications from potential, new students, who are interested in attending the university during the spring semester.

He said not all of those students will be admitted, but he said admissions officials have already approved 549 applicants. He added that 375 of those are transfer students, 83 are freshmen applicants, and another 75 are classified as non-traditional students.

DaDonna cautioned, however, that just because these students have been accepted to the university, it does not guarantee they will definitely come to Clayton State. They could decide to attend another school where they have also applied, he said.

Another 100 applications are waiting to be reviewed by admissions officials, he said.

In the case of more than 100 other applicants, DaDonna said their applications are still not complete, because they need to finish sending in supporting documents, including transcripts from other schools they have attended.

"We're hoping that will translate to a higher enrollment in the spring," he said.