McDonough expands water capacity

By Johnny Jackson


The City of McDonough's public works department is constructing a 1-million-gallon water tank to meet increasing demand, and to have water available for future growth.

The city's new water tank will be located near the intersection of Travis Road and Race Track Road in east McDonough, according to Lee Hearn, McDonough's public works director.

Hearn said the tank is being built "for planned growth and adding capacity to our water system."

The public works director said the water tank will be used to store the city's drinking water and has been a growing need for McDonough residents.

The city has experienced a 127.6 percent spike in population in the past decade, according McDonough Spokeswoman Casey Case, citing the Atlanta Regional Commission's 2009 Yearbook. Case said the 12.76-square-mile city has grown from 8,493 residents in 2000, to 19,330 residents in 2009.

"This tank will help provide water for all our customers ... [and will] especially help with additional capacity in the east side of McDonough," said Hearn.

Already in the midst of the $1.48 million construction project, Hearn said, the city will expand its existing water tower infrastructure, which includes two other towers -- one located at Richard Craig Park, just off of Zack Hinton Parkway, and one located near the McDonough Square, on Sloan Street.

Construction on the project, he added, should be completed in the spring of 2011.