Holiday decorations draw visitors to Morrow home

Eia Plenty's front yard, in Morrow, is filled with several inflatable turkeys, pumpkins –– and scarecrows on a stick.

For the past two decades, she has lived at 6668 Imperial Drive, and Thanksgiving has been one of the major holidays she has observed with a yard full of decorations.

"I love decorating for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Mardi Gras," said Plenty, who is originally from New Orleans, La.

The displays the 61-year-old retired cosmetologist, and back-up signer, do not end in her yard, however. The inside of the home is decorated, too. Every room has a touch of Thanksgiving.

For the upcoming holiday, a Thanksgiving tree, adorned with a turkey on top, is in her living room. She even has a Thanksgiving-themed dining room with a turkey centerpiece and accompanying napkins and plates.

Scarecrows are on the sinks in her bathrooms.

"People are inspired, and enthused, to see the decorations, said Plenty.

She has been decorating her yard, and the inside of her home for more than 30 years, Plenty said. "I have been doing this since my kids were small," she said. "I have a son who is deceased, (Damon L. Huse) and I want to keep the memories of the holidays we all shared."

Plenty said it takes about three days to decorate for each holiday. Her husband of 20 years, Donald Bass, along with her youngest son, James Wooten, help with the lighting. Her other children, now grown, are Lei Casher and Antonio Wooten.

"Some of this stuff is five or six years old ... but I buy new stuff, too," said Plenty. "I learned to get online and order a lot of my stuff ...," she added.

She welcomes local residents to come and view her yard display.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, "I don't miss a beat," said Plenty.

Her neighbors seem to be enjoy what she is doing. "She works really hard at it ... She deserves recognition," said Mary Jane Heisterkamp, one neighbor, who believes she speaks for many others.

She added that, sometimes, three and four cars will stop and look at Plenty's display. "People stop and speak to her, who she may have never talked to before," said Heisterkamp.

Eia Plenty will be taking the Thanksgiving decorations down, on Nov. 28, and she plans on having the outside Christmas decorations complete Nov. 29.

"I will do the outside first, then I will do the inside decorations," she said.