By Derrick Mahone

When asked how would a defense defend against his potent running attack, Eagle's Landing Christian offensive coordinator Jason Carrera let out a little chuckle Wednesday as he walked towards the team's practice field.

The Chargers' offense has been anything but a laughing matter for their opponents this season.

With the running of sophomore Keyante Green, junior John Tatum and seniors Avery Walls and Alex Williams, the Chargers are averaging 308 yards rushing per game. The foursome are averaging close to nine yards per carry in an offense that is producing 43 points per game.

"This offense is exciting," Green said.

"We have some good blockers on the line."

Carrera said the combination of talented runners and a steady offensive line make for some easy play-calling on his part.

"It is really nice calling plays with this kind of talent on the field," he said. "It is so amazing because we have so many options. We have our jet guys in Avery and Alex, but you can also bust it up the middle with Keyante and John. We can line those guys up on the outside also."

When ELCA goes to their "Wildcat" package, all four are on the field with Green taking the direct snap from center.

"It is hard to defend," Carrera said. "It definitely makes it easier for a coach, but a coach is only as good as his players. Our offense is designed around taking what the defense give us. We feel that our opponents can't cover it all. They have to pick what they want to stop."

Usually that leaves another option open.

In the Chargers first round state playoff win over Washington-Wilkes last week, Williams was the main weapon on their jet sweeps. He had 12 carries for 157 yards and a touchdown. Carrera mixed it up with Tatum getting some quit hits up the middle which produced three more touchdowns in a 49-7 win.

The Chargers, who are 11-0 entering Friday's second round game against George Walton Academy, has scored on seven of their 11 first drives this season. After figuring out what the defense will give them, Carrera calls plays to attack the weak spots.

"If it is working, that is what we are going to stick too," he said.

"This past week, we only called four plays, and that was all we needed."

In their last game, all four had double figure carries. However, it doesn't always work out that way, according to Carrera. The players say they are not concerned with their personal statistics, just with the results of getting a win.

"We don't worry about who is getting the ball or who wants the ball, it is about blocking for each other," said Green, who is considered one of the top sophomore prospects in the country.

"It is all about team," said Walls, a top defensive back prospect. "It is a collective effort by all the running backs."

And that usually spells trouble for their opponents.