RoadSafe Traffic Systems opens in Forest Park

RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc., a traffic safety services provider, opened its new branch location, at 312 Cash Memorial Blvd., Forest Park, according to a company spokesperson.

The company decided to enter the market in metro Atlanta due to its desire to grow its business significantly over the next several years, said Suzette Engerman.

Kathleen Holst, senior vice president of new market development for RoadSafe Traffic Systems, said before entering the market, the company considered several states around the U.S., and Georgia was the most attractive, for various reasons, including the substantial federal and state funds Georgia receives for transportation.

"Your economic development plans are very welcoming to attracting new businesses," added Holst, in a phone interview.

"We are thrilled to be established in Forest Park and have found the community to be very welcoming," said Holst. "We've already started work with three pavement-marking jobs to be completed this year, in... [metro] Atlanta."

Holst said the Forest Park location is the company's only location in Georgia. RoadSafe Traffic Systems is a full-service provider of temporary traffic control and protection, as well as, pavement marking services, according to Holst.

The senior vice president said officials of RoadSafe Traffic Systems collaborated with a real estate broker in the Atlanta area, to help them find the location.

Holst said officials were looking for an area where highways were easily accessible. The Forest Park location also allows the company to serve the City of Atlanta and metro Atlanta at a comfortable distance, she said.

"We try to centralize so that we can work inside the metro area, and outside," she explained.

Holst said the company's warehouse office building, which is about 24,000 square feet, is being leased RoadSafe Traffic Systems.

In addition, the new location has generated about 20 new jobs, she said.

Holst added that the Georgia Department of Transportation is a customer of RoadSafe Traffic Systems. She said the company already has contracts with private customers, which are heavy highway contractors, and road projects for them will begin next year.

"Georgia's roads and system of highways are important factors in our high-performing logistics network," said Heidi Green, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. "I am excited to welcome RoadSafe Traffic Systems to Georgia, knowing the services RoadSafe provides will help us maintain the safety of one of the state's most competitive assets."