Turkeys in the White House - Chester Cook

Before anyone makes a politically incorrect comment, or jumps to a partisan conclusion, please take a minute to pause and consider your blessings. It is time to put away the ax.

Today, President Barack Obama granted full presidential pardon to two very plump, blue-ribbon turkeys. Every Thanksgiving since the time of President Truman, a couple of lucky birds have been spared the glorious fate of becoming the holiday meal.

The act of forgiving and putting away the hatchet is especially apropos in this post-election, lame duck season. After all of the political campaigning and partisan name-calling, the country has been battered with negative commercials about every possible wrong-doing and evil our country has been through over the last several years.

If we were to evaluate America on the content of the political propaganda, we would all have little to be thankful for.

When Republicans are elected, the Democrats and the media all join forces against the newly elected politicians. Anyone who breaks rank, and works in a non-partisan way, is quickly sequestered and punished.

But when a Democrat is elected, the media lathers them with praise. The media outlets are more and more polarizing in American politics. Where can one go and just get the news without a commentary -- left or right?

Now that the elections are over, the voice of the Tea Party has fallen into obscurity and the U.S. House and Senate have gone right back to business as usual -- tax and spend.

Obama seems to be disconnected from the families who are struggling to put a turkey on the table. The Washington elite are trying to find ways to tax turkeys more.

Government is giving pay raises to its own, increasing taxes on small businesses, and gorging the working class. And if that weren't enough, the politicians are going to tax you for dying.

I thought the Tea Party was a voice against the massive, out-of-control government spending and growth, but who's listening?

When we unite, pray and seek God, our country will continue to be blessed by God. Our leaders should serve the people, and do their work as unto the Lord. They should give God homage, and thank God for the blessing of serving the people.

We need to accept God's forgiveness and pardon and offer the same forgiveness and pardon to others.

We need to move forward in love and become a nation that is known for our reverence and benevolence, not our arrogance and violence.

America is still the most blessed nation in the world, and we need to remember to thank God every day for the blessings and freedoms we enjoy. Be willing to call your senator and representative to let them know how much you love this country, and our Sovereign Lord.

Please offer thanks to the people who serve righteously, and to the God of all that is righteous. Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have any comments on this column, please contact me at chaplain@airportchapel.org.