Wanted Florida man captured in Clayton

By Mehgaan Jones


The Jonesboro Police Department, along with other local law enforcement agencies, has apprehended a wanted Florida man considered "armed and dangerous."

Just before his arrest on Tuesday, Edward Coleman, 43, of Fort Lauderdale, found himself in the middle of a license check in Riverdale.

According to Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen, Coleman overheard, through a police radio, that he was wanted in Florida for felony family violence, battery of a spouse, and traffic charges.

Allen said Coleman then attempted to strike a Riverdale police officer with his 1999 Ford Ranger truck, and flee.

The attempted assault of the officer resulted in a police chase that led authorities down Tara Boulevard. Clayton County Police got involved, and it ended in Jonesboro on South Main Street, by Wells Fargo Bank, Allen said.

He said the Clayton County Sheriff's Office also took part in the apprehension of Coleman. "For some reason ... he [Coleman] cut into the grass area through the church parking lot [of First United Methodist Church]," said Allen. He intentionally hit a Jonesboro police car, and the Sheriff's Office was on hand to apprehend him on South Main Street, Allen added.

The suspect put up mild resistance, but was taken into custody without incident," said Allen. The Georgia State Patrol assisted with the accident scene, according to Allen.

Coleman was also considered armed and dangerous, Allen said. "There were no injuries ... There was damage to a Jonesboro police car, and slight damage to a sheriff's car," he added.