Residents receive turkeys from Sheriff's Office

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office, and Aramark Corporation, joined forces this week, to deliver 15 turkeys to various Clayton County residents for Thanksgiving. Five turkeys will be delivered, or picked up, at a later date.

Vanessa Nunally, a Forest Park resident, who also is the mother of four children, received her turkey Tuesday morning.

"I feel good ... It is a blessing to get this turkey," said Nunally. She added that her children's father is incarcerated, and it is good to get any help she can receive. "I look at it as the Lord helping us ... He works in mysterious ways," said Nunally.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office selected 20 families to be recipients of the holiday turkeys.

Clayton County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Garland Watkins, Clayton County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, Deputy Alicia Parkes, and the Clayton County Jail's Aramark general manager, Enrique Jordan, participated in the delivery of the turkeys.

Families were chosen from a list obtained the Clayton County Public Schools Homeless Education Program, and the Clayton County Division of Family and Children Services, according to Deputy Parkes.

The turkeys were delivered from 10 a.m., until 4 p.m., in Forest Park, Morrow, College Park, Riverdale, Hampton and Jonesboro.

"We chose the homes who are in most dire need of help," said Parkes. "We will give turkeys to people, such as grandparents raising grandchildren, single mothers, displaced and unemployed families, and people who just got out of shelters," said Parkes.

Aramark is the Clayton County's Jail's in-house food service contractor, said the sheriff's office spokeswoman.

"I grew up in a household with my elderly parents; I had people donate turkeys to my family, so I feel like this is something for me and Aramark to give back to the community," said Enrique Jordan, the Aramark general manager.

According to Parkes, Clayton County Sheriff's Captain Deeann Cash came up with the idea to connect the Sheriff's Office with Aramark to donate turkeys, and help deliver them as well.

"This is important because as a law enforcement entity, we believe that taking care of the community is the first step in fixing the community," said Parkes.

She added that the Sheriff's Office wants to provide local residents with a different view of law enforcement. "This is the one of the small things that we can do to brighten the holidays of families who are less ... fortunate," said Chief Watkins. "Without the support of citizens of Clayton County and Aramark food services, this could not have been done, and we really appreciate it."

An additional 20 families also will be selected to receive the same for Christmas, said Parkes.

"The men and women of the Sheriff's Office are true community servants, with a heart for giving, and I'm proud to lead them," said Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough. "Hopefully, we are able to make a happier holiday season, one family at a time."