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What is pink and read all over?

The Editors

In recognition of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Clayton News Daily and Henry Daily Herald will print their Oct. 29 editions on pink paper.

The gesture by the newspapers' staffs is an effort to join the community in celebrating the lives and the accomplishments of the many women -- and men -- who have fought and overcome this deadly disease. It is also to remember and honor those who, sadly, lost the battle, but whose courageous struggles and fighting spirit helped increase our knowledge of cancer, and contributed to ongoing research that will, hopefully -- one day -- relegate it to be being a terror of the past.

This disease, this long-standing scourge that has already gone from being thought of as a death sentence upon diagnosis, to a malady that -- when detected early -- can often be treated, and/or cured, and no longer has the power to completely terrorize us with its devastation. The long roll of those who have stood up to it, who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments, and the doctors, nurses, specialists, researchers and others, who have devoted their careers and committed efforts to eradicating it, have helped cut it down to size.

And all that effort -- all the three-day and two-day marches, runs, bake sales, the relays for life, the coins tossed in jars -- have given us new hope that the battle can be won, is being won.

Although the primary focus is on breast cancer, we are urging the community to also remember the other colors of cancer, colors

that signify prostate cancer, malignant lymphoma, leukemia, lung cancer, melanoma, pancreatic cancer and the other relatives in the "Big C" family.

During the month, our newspapers -- and web sites -- will also be displaying special advertising offers that allow community businesses and others to show support for the fight against cancer. A portion of the proceeds from those will be donated to area organizations and groups working in this worthy cause.

A number of TV advertisements often end by imploring you to "Think Pink."

We are asking that you also "Read Pink." And we'll make that easy to do on Oct. 29.