Getting a kick out of my little girl - Jason A. Smith

I had been waiting for weeks, to feel my baby kick, inside my wife's belly.

For one reason or another, it seemed like I would have to wait forever to experience this.

My wife told me she could feel the baby moving inside her body, and she wanted so badly for me to be able to share in her excitement.

Whenever she felt our daughter kicking, she would motion for me to come over to her quickly, and put my hand on her belly.

Every time, without fail, the child would stop moving entirely when I reached where my wife was. Part of me wondered whether my little girl had inherited her parents' propensity for stubbornness, and had decided simply to make me wait until she was ready.

At any rate, the whole process was driving me nuts.

However, that all changed a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting next to my wife, when she got that excited look in her eyes -- the one which says, "The baby's kicking! Come here!"

A few seconds after I laid my hand down on her belly, I felt it -- ever so lightly, but I felt my daughter kick for the first time, and it was a surreal and wonderful experience.

As I have done with every milestone associated with this pregnancy -- such as the first ultrasound, finding out we're having a girl and deciding she would, one day, run the country -- I couldn't wait to tell people about the first kick. Daddy was already so proud of his little girl.

On a side note, my wife tells me the baby still freezes in place, whenever she hears my voice speaking to her. My response is that I hope the child doesn't think she's in trouble.

Since the night of that first kick, my mind has been racing with thoughts of other accomplishments my daughter will achieve in her lifetime -- learning to walk, riding a bicycle, or driving a car for the first time.

I realize there will be other, bigger moments in her life than when I felt the first kick. But, I can't help feeling like this is where it all starts.

At times, seems like the next few months will be some of the longest of my life, as I wait for my child to arrive. On the other hand, though, something tells me, one day, I'll see her getting a driver's license, graduating high school or reciting the oath of office -- you never know -- and I'll wonder where the time went.

Regardless of what happens in her life, I know one thing, she is already the light of mine.

Jason A. Smith covers crime and courts for the Henry Daily Herald. He can be reached via e-mail at jsmith@henryherald.com.