Henry carjacking suspect caught in Clayton

A manhunt Henry County police Thursday, on the ground, and from the air, has resulted in the capture of a carjacking suspect.

Using a helicopter and police cars, officers swarmed a section of Interstate 75 in Henry County searching for the person involved in a carjacking at a laundromat next to a Big Lots store near Interstate 75, according to Henry County Police Maj. Jason Bolton.

"[The perpetrator] wrecked the victim's car on [interstate] 75 near Highway 138," Bolton said.

"He was located in Clayton County Clayton County police and requested medical treatment for some injuries he sustained during his escape," Bolton reported Thursday night. The suspect was placed under arrest police at Henry Medical Center, added Bolton.

Police are not releasing the identity of the suspect, and no additional details about the carjacking were available.

— Jason A. Smith