Clayton's International Park opens Halloween site today

Michael Jackson warned you that "something evil's lurking in the dark." He said the evil "under the moonlight" would be so frightening that "you try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it."

Starting tonight, and lasting through Saturday night, evil will take up residence in the darkness that falls upon the woods at Clayton County International Park. The Clayton County Parks and Recreation department will be offering up its own "Thriller." Its second annual "Trail of Terror" begins today.

Zombies, living scarecrows, a mad doctor, a chainsaw-wielding maniac, a killer, little girl and the seemingly unkillable "Friday the 13th" killer, Jason Vorhees, will torture people on the trail, said Clayton County Parks and Recreation employees, who were working on the trail, on Tuesday.

"We just enjoy scaring people," said Spencer Bisch, a program aide with the county's parks and recreation department, who will be one of the costumed characters. "And, we do it to have a really good time."

The "Trail of Terror" will run from 7:30 p.m., to 10 p.m., tonight and Thursday, and from 7:30 p.m, to 11 p.m., on Friday and Saturday. The cost to venture down the frightening, horrific trail, will be $5 per person. The park is located at 2300 Ga. Hwy. 138, in Jonesboro.

There are nine scenes that people will go through, ranging from a hospital scene, to a dark tunnel that contains unknown terrors, to a car-crash scene.

"Mainly, everything we do is for the community," said Clayton County International Park Administrator Troy Stubbs. "We've done a fishing derby, which was for little kids, and we just did a fall festival last weekend, which was also geared toward children. This is more for the young adults."

Clayton County Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator Trey Elder said the department's employees have spent the last month planning out, and building the sets for the trail. "We're pretty much done now," he said. "All we have left to do is start putting out the lights, and smoke machines [today], and the only reason we're waiting to do that is because we can't leave them out overnight" due to recent rainy weather.

During a break from setting up the trail on Tuesday, Jake Overton, a Clayton County Parks and Recreation program supervisor, said the event is designed to be for people who are over the age of 12.

"We have had some people ask to get off the trail [before they finish it] because they got so scared" last year, he said. "One of the reasons is that Jason [Vorhees] sometimes runs up to people, and other times, he just walks up to you, and some people think that's the freakiest thing in the world."

To get to the beginning of the trail, people have to go deep into the park, and drive down the street which goes between the park's VIP complex, and fishing lake. At the end of that street, on the right, is a sign for "Camp Crystal Lake," which is the entrance to the "Trail of Terror."

Elder said people who are brave enough to finish the trail will end up at the J. Charley Griswell Senior Center. They can then catch a hay ride back to their cars, he said.

For more information about the "Trail of Terror," call (770) 477-3766.