Henry judges, solicitor unopposed in Tuesday's elections

By Jason A. Smith


While other political candidates are jockeying for votes in Georgia, six prominent figures in Henry County's judicial system are set to retain their seats.

Judges in Superior, State and Magistrate Courts are running unopposed in Tuesday's mid-term election.

Incumbent Superior Court Judge Brian Amero is uncontested for his position, as is Superior Court Judge Wade Crumbley. Both men preside over felony criminal cases, as well as civil matters, including divorces.

Two State Court judges are also expected to maintain their roles in the county. State Court judges oversee cases including misdemeanor crimes, and traffic offenses.

Chief State Court Judge Ben W. Studdard, who was the first judge appointed to the court in Henry, is unopposed in his re-election bid. Judge Jason Harper was appointed to the State Court bench in 2008. A former chairman of the Henry County Board of Commissioners, Harper is also running without an opponent for the State Court seat.

Henry's Chief Magistrate Judge, Robert Godwin, does not have opposition in his attempt to remain on the bench. The court handles civil claims of $15,000 or less, dispossessory cases, garnishments and foreclosures. Magistrate judges also issue arrest warrants, conduct probable-cause hearings, and prosecute cases of deposit account fraud and county ordinance violations, according to the county's web site.

Henry County Solicitor General Charles A. "Chuck" Spahos will also be on Tuesday's ballot, without opposition. The Solicitor General's Office prosecutes misdemeanor crimes, and traffic offenses committed in Henry, the county's web site states.