Why are some people reluctant to accept Jesus Christ as Savior? - James C Bell

I have met a number of people over the last 20 years, who felt they were not ready to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Their reasons were varied, but in my judgment, the real reason was they were not ready to give up their sinful lives. One teenage girl said, "No, I can't accept Jesus as my savior now, for then I would not be able to do anything."

She knew if she accepted Jesus, she would have to give up some of her friends and not do many things she was doing now.

A big, robust Army sergeant told me he really wanted to accept Jesus, and he knew he should, but he just wasn't ready. Many others have used the excuse that they are just not a religious person and, therefore, they don't want to talk about it now.

One soldier was listening intently as I shared the gospel with him, and when I asked him to pray the sinner's prayer with me, he was ready and willing. Just before I begin this prayer, I tell whoever I'm talking with that they must be very serious about praying this prayer, and if they are sincere, God will honor their request. But if they are not sincere, He will not honor their prayer.

At this point, he was not so sure he should pray, but after a moment, he said, "Yes, I do want to pray with you."

My daughter and her family live high up in the Rocky Mountains, where it gets very cold and the snow can be very deep. When they started to build their home there, my wife and I went out to see if we could be of help. One day when I was working in the attic, a young man stopped by who was going to put a metal roof on the house. I had seen him roofing a house close by, and noticed him swinging around the top of the house that was near a cliff and very high off the ground.

He had a safety line that tied him to the roof, but he was taking a lot of unnecessary chances, I thought, and I mentioned this to him. He said he loved to live dangerously and knew he was capable of keeping himself safe.

We talked about a number of things that day, but I waited too long to share Christ with him, for he had to go home. I really liked that young man, because he was so sincere and honest. I knew, or felt reasonably sure, he would have accepted Christ, had I only shared with him.

I never saw him again, and my daughter told us a month or two later, he had gone mountain-climbing and fell to his death on a very steep and slippery slope.

I should ask the question here: "Why are Christians reluctant to share Christ when they have opportunity?"

Just as sinners know they should accept Christ, but make an excuse, I believe Christians are caught in the same trap, when they know they should share, but fail to do it.

Both need to seriously think about the decision they should make. In the case of sinners, they need to realize the Christian life is such a wonderful life to live, and it's so much better than the life they are now living. They need to know the peace and joy that come from allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them in doing the right things in life.

They need to know the safety that comes through belonging to Christ and knowing they are heaven bound, to live in the awesome glory of God forever.

In the Christian's case, there is no joy like one has when he shares Christ with others and knows God is using him in service to the Kingdom of God. Every Christian should be prepared to share the gospel when he has a chance.

Christ said in Matthew 28:19, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations." This is the great commission of Christ -- Share my gospel with all the world.

I pray you will.