Hampton police officer injured in altercation

By Jason A. Smith


A Hampton police officer is recovering from injuries he apparently sustained in a fight with an allegedly drunken passenger, during a traffic stop.

The incident occurred around 9:50 p.m., Thursday, on Steele Drive, according to Hampton Police Chief Rad Porter. He said Sgt. Jason Hay was assisting Officer Bo Turner, who had stopped a woman for allegedly driving under the influence.

Officer Turner arrested the woman, and took her into custody, according to Porter.

A Powder Springs man, 45-year-old Walter Scott Chapman, was a passenger in the vehicle, according to a police report completed by Sgt. Hay.

"After Officer Turner pulled off with the ... driver, Sgt. Hay was going to stay until they could get somebody to come and get the car, because it was obvious the passenger had too much to drink," Chief Porter said. "He [Chapman] was intoxicated, and we couldn't release him."

Chapman reportedly got out of the vehicle, and began cursing at the sergeant, according to the chief. "The passenger ... was saying he was going to drive the car home," Porter said. "He got in the car and got it [started]. Sgt. Hay was trying to stop him, and a fight ensued. Both received injuries, and were transported by rescue [workers]."

The altercation, added Porter, resulted in Sgt. Hay's suffering two broken bones in his left hand. Chapman was arrested, and charged with DUI and disorderly conduct, the chief said. He was released from the Henry County Jail Friday on $1,916 bail, according to jail records. He is due to appear in Hampton Municipal Court in November, jail records show. The name of the female driver in the case was not released.