Attempted-murder suspect surrenders to police

By Jason A. Smith


An Ohio man surrendered to Henry County Police, after allegedly trying to kill a another man, in Ohio, with a bow and arrow.

Harry Joe Spivey, 52, of Otway, Ohio, turned himself in to Henry County Police Tuesday, according to Police Sgt. Robert Savage. The alleged attack occurred Tuesday at the home of the reported victim, 50-year-old Doug Stacey, of Elmwood Place, according to Chief William Peskin, of the Elmwood Place Police Department near Cincinnati, Ohio.

The chief added that Spivey and Stacey, who lived together in Stacey's home, had argued over the weekend, about their living arrangements.

"We're unclear when the suspect was asked to leave, but at some point the victim told the suspect to leave his residence," Peskin said.

Spivey and Stacey, the chief continued, got into a second argument around 4 a.m., Tuesday, just before Stacey went to sleep.

"Sometime between 5 a.m., and 6:30 a.m., the suspect returned while the victim was still asleep," Peskin said. "The front door was open."

Spivey entered the home and shot Stacey in the back with the bow and arrow, while the victim was sleeping, according to Peskin. "He shot him two more times -- once in the back and once in his right hand," the chief said. "The victim lay there for some time, until a neighbor heard him screaming he had been shot."

Elmwood Place police were called to the scene, and spoke with Stacey, according to the chief. The victim, said Peskin, told authorities Spivey had shot him.

"He actually asked him, at one point, why he did it," Peskin said.

Police in Ohio obtained arrest warrants for Spivey shortly after the incident, said Peskin. Sgt. Savage said Spivey turned himself in to Henry County police at 5:23 p.m., Tuesday. Spivey is charged with three counts of attempted murder.

"He walked up to somebody's house in Hampton, and said he was wanted for murder," said Savage. "That citizen called the police. We checked him out, found he had warrants out on him, and took him into custody."

Spivey appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court and waived extradition, according to Chief Peskin and Magistrate Court records. "We're making arrangements to go and get him," Peskin said.

Spivey will answer the charges against him, in Hamilton County Court in Cincinnati, according to the Associated Press. Stacey is expected to recover from his injuries, which include a punctured lung, the Associated Press reported.