'That's right' - Martha Carr

Andy Dooley is the lesser known brother of Mike Dooley, who was one of the stars of the hit documentary, "The Secret." Perhaps that's why he's the funny one, using comedy to teach people how to reach for more in their lives.

He's on the seminar circuit right now, going around the country talking about how to not only bring what we want into their lives, but he keeps insisting we have fun while we're doing it.

He's even backing up his claims by starting out each session standing in front of a new, cold audience doing a comedy set. Just the man and his microphone, warming up the crowd who are all waiting to hear how they can be thinner, richer and in the perfect relationship.

That's a lot of hope aimed at one person who's looking for a laugh out of the bargain, too.

Standup comedy is already difficult, because the moment the comic appears we have expectations to be moved to laughter from whatever mood we were in when we sat down. Anyone who strides out onto a little stage to make a diverse audience even chuckle has a lot of faith in something.

So, imagine someone who puts on seminars about doubling your manifestations, the hot topic of the past ten years, and blends it with their own standup schtick. That man is either a genius or suffering a whopper of a midlife crisis.

Fortunately, Dooley appears to be the former. He is a gifted comic performer who got all of us laughing till we forgot about our anxiety and could actually listen to what he had to say, and he has plenty of things to say.

The best thing about what Dooley is trying to get all of us to understand is that the life we desire is possible. It will take some footwork on our part, (and here's where he's a little different from his contemporaries), but it may not happen in a day or a month or even a year. But life will still be a blast while you're working on the dreams.

Dooley illustrates his point by winding through the story of what he and his mother and brother, Mike, were trying to manifest in the early years, before they hit it big, and how after the first year, nothing appeared. After two years, there were some mild rumblings of a manifestation that had them all working out of an old warehouse but no riches, no fame.

Sometimes, things take time. However, if we stick to it, each day will be better than the last. There will be blessings in that day and funny things to share and, eventually, the big manifestation will also be created.

The trip is not only as much fun, it's the point.

So, here's a little teaser from Andy Dooley's seminar to help everyone get started. Find a pal who's willing to play a game with you and stand face to face. Each person start out each sentence with the phrase, "that's right" and follow it with a declaration of an aspect of your manifestation. For example, "that's right we bought our dream house in a good neighborhood."

Your friend answers with something like, "that's right and you got a great interest rate with no money down." Go back and forth for at least a couple of minutes. This not only gets up your enthusiasm for what you're creating, but adds in the help from someone who's not emotionally attached and may see some other great things about all of it.

Two new buddies of mine from the Chicago seminar, Sherry and Carol, are playing this with me by text. We're starting out our day each morning with a "that's right" message on our phones about how well our families are doing, the bestseller that's in the works and the healthy bodies we're cultivating.

Surprisingly, we're having a lot of fun doing it. Andy Dooley would be proud. I'll let you know what comes of it, but as Dooley pointed out, it may take awhile. More about Dooley and the seminars can be found at www.AndyDooley.com.

In the meantime, may we all spend every day stepping out of our comfort zones and laughing about whatever comes up with our family and friends by our side. More adventures to follow.

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