It's a blessing - Jason A. Smith

I had no idea what to expect, when I went to the doctor's office with my wife.

She was scheduled to have an "ultrasound," where she would find out whether we would be having a boy or a girl.

For weeks prior to the appointment, I went back and forth in my mind, wondering whether we would be having a son or a daughter.

As I sat in the waiting room, I tried to keep myself busy, and to prevent my anticipation from being embarrassingly obvious in my excitement. But my wife and mother-in-law, who was with us, knew I was going crazy not knowing what we're having.

My biggest fear was that the positioning of the baby in my wife's body would keep us from finding anything out for certain.

Every time someone opened the door to the office, my heart jumped in hopes my wife's name would be called next. Looking back on the day, we didn't wait terribly long, but it seemed like forever –– at the time.

Finally, after about half an hour, we were brought into the office. I was looking forward to the fact that my mother-in-law arranged for us to get one of the new 3D ultrasounds, which provide a more detailed look at the baby.

I hoped with everything in me that this invention would alleviate the risk of unlucky positioning.

The ultrasound technician began by using the traditional ultrasound device first. As soon as she started looking for the baby, my wife and I gazed at the computer screen intently, waiting for our baby to appear. When we finally saw the child, we clasped each other's hands tightly, amazed at how much the baby had grown since a few weeks ago.

A couple of minutes later, without a great deal of warning, the technician uttered the words I had secretly longed to hear.

"It's a girl!" she said.

My first inclination, as I had been wanting us to have a girl first, was to give my wife a high-five. It seems like an odd reaction now, but I couldn't help myself at the time.

My next question was to ask the technician, how she could decipher the gender of the baby from what we were seeing. She assured me we were having a daughter, by pointing out various telltale signs on my daughter's body.

We then watched the 3D ultrasound, which allowed me to see my little girl's head, eyes, arms, ribs and legs, as they have developed thus far.

I was in awe. Not only was I fascinated by the technology that enabled us to see our child in this way, but I was again dumbfounded by the grace of God, which has allowed us to be parents at all.

After I left the doctor's office, I was ready to explode with excitement, dying to tell the world about the little princess they would be meeting soon. I had to wait a few days, until certain family members were told in advance of the general public.

On a side note, this time of waiting nearly killed me. I make my living by telling important news to people, yet I had to wait to spread the most amazing news of my life.

Now that everyone in our immediate families have received the news, I can finally spill the beans to everyone I've ever met. I've gotten a good start to this point, and I cannot wait for people I love to meet my little girl.

It won't be much longer now. For now, I will continue to feel a sense of excited anticipation, mixed with awe and gratitude for God's blessing on my life.

Jason A. Smith covers crime and courts for the Henry Daily Her.