Jonesboro store provides fashion bargains

By Mehgaan Jones


Plato's Closet in Jonesboro offers teens and young adults stylish, gently used clothing to enhance their wardrobes.

The store, located at 7193 Mt. Zion Blvd., covers all bases for shoppers, who are looking for style, quality and today's fashion trends, at up to 70 percent off the original prices, according to Stephanie Wiese, marketing manager for Plato's Closet.

At the store, customers can purchase clothing and accessories, or sell their own for cash.

According to Tracy Chosewood, area manager for Plato's Closet in Jonesboro, the store gets a good mixture of customers who want to sell and purchase clothing. Chosewood said the Jonesboro store opened its doors eight years ago, and has been supplying the needs of bargain shoppers ever since. "We have been a service to the community," she added.

A lot of teens want brand-name clothing, so Plato's gives them a chance to purchase affordable clothing, and to sell their clothes for some extra cash, Chosewood said.

The amount the store will pay for gently used items is determined by a pre-programmed system, which examines the name-brand and size, according to Marie McKneely, a sales associate at the store, who has been with the company for three years.

Chosewood said that when staff members buy clothing from customers, they look for "brand, style, and condition." She added that they do not sell or take anything too outdated.

Sandreka Jackson, 23, said she shops at Plato's all the time. "The clothes are cheaper than anything that you can get at the mall, and they are good quality," she said.

Jackson's sister, Alyssa Jackson, 17, said that Tuesday was the first time she had visited Plato's, and she really liked the stylish and inexpensive clothing.

Some of the Jonesboro store's current trends include: True Religion jeans, skinny jeans, Adidas, and plaid shirts for men, Mckneely said. "Women have been purchasing a lot of tunics, leggings and stiletto heels," she added.

According to a media advisory from the store, Plato's Closet's "fashion followers" recommend these hot trends:

* Salute the Troops: Military styles in fatigue green and navy showcase your style and your patriotism. Look for slender jackets and cargo pants with extra wide or skinny styling. Shearling fur on jacket cuffs, and collars, adds a current twist.

* Blues Still Rock: Denim stays strong in the traditional blue hues, with gray still being a major trend for both guys and gals. Supplement your standard bootcut or "boyfriend" choices with cuffed skinnies (wear them wide or tight rolled), and destroyed denim, with light slashing throughout the upper thigh and knee area.

* Prep for Compliments: Prepster tops and pants in traditional plaids of black, red, blue, green and yellow give a nod to nostalgia. Pair them with a pullover sweater or cardigan, or even a slender blazer with a shiny pocket emblem, to keep the look current. Earn top honors with oxfords or high tops.

* Classy and Delicate: Lace is sheer genius for the fall, in classic shades of white, gray, or black. Wear a lacey top over a basic tank, or pair a lacy dress with a blazer.

In preparation for the upcoming fall season, Renae Blonigan, director of Plato's Closet, advised that fall colors this year are more muted, with celery green, golden yellow, teal green, orchid purple, dusty rose, and cement gray. She said that you should add some vibe to your current wardrobe basics of black, navy, brown, camel, beige, and off-white.

Blonigan included some tips for up-to-date accessories as well, which include a cross-body bag, in any size or color, that leaves your hands free for texting, and boots, in a rich camel shade of suede.

The store's director explained that adding just a few items, in current colors and styles, to your wardrobe, can bring all your looks up-to-date, and the fashion team at Plato's Closet in Jonesboro, she said, are experts in helping you find just the right pieces to pull your look together.