IRS to host nationwide Open House

By Johnny Jackson


The Internal Revenue Service is planning to host a nationwide Open House on Saturday, in order to assist taxpayers in solving their tax problems.

IRS officials cite veterans and people with disabilities, in particular, as those who should take part in the Open House, for help with their tax issues as the Oct. 15 filing deadline approaches.

"Our goal is to resolve issues on the spot, so individuals can put any issues they have with the IRS behind them," said IRS Spokesman Mark Green.

Two of the 100 offices to be opened nationally on Saturday are located in the Atlanta area, according to Green. From 9 a.m., until 2 p.m., taxpayers can receive assistance in Atlanta, at 2888 Woodcock Blvd., and in Smyrna, at 1899 Powers Ferry Rd.

Green said anyone who has a tax question, or has received a notice, can speak with an IRS employee to get an answer to their question or a clear explanation of what is necessary to satisfy the request, during Saturday's Open House.

The IRS official said a taxpayer who cannot pay a balance due can find out whether an installment agreement is appropriate and, if so, fill out the paperwork, then and there.

He said assistance with "offers-in-compromise" -- an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the taxpayer's debt for less than the full amount owed -- will also be available. IRS staff members, he added, will be available on site or by telephone to help taxpayers struggling to complete a certain IRS form or schedule.

The IRS encourages representatives of small, tax-exempt, charitable, community organizations -- many of which serve people with disabilities, and veterans -- to file Form 990-N before the Oct. 15 filing deadline.

As of June 30, Green noted, more than 320,000 organizations were at risk of losing their exempt status, as community organizations that fail to file the form by the deadline risk losing their tax-exempt status.

Heading into Saturday's Open House, the IRS plans to disseminate information through its partnership with organizations that serve veterans and the disabled, including the National Disability Institute (NDI), Vets First, the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Council on Independent Living, and the American Legion.

Taxpayers requiring special services for the Open House, such as interpretation for the deaf or hard of hearing, should check local listings and call their local IRS Office/Taxpayer Assistance Center ahead of time, to schedule an appointment, said Green.

For more informations, visit the IRS web site at www.IRS.gov.