Can America survive without God? - James C. Bell

I have been reading, recently, about what happened to the country of Iraq under the lawless government of the late Saddam Hussein.

He was a ruthless man, who would do anything to have absolute power over his country. He was guilty of killing, or having murdered, thousands -- anyone who threatened his power or control of his government.

He was compared with Hitler and Stalin for his inhumane treatment of his countrymen and the people of his neighboring countries. One of his generals, the author of the book, "Saddam's Secrets," said, "His brutal repression of dissent, his murders and torture of political opponents, his barbaric treatment of the good and innocent people of Iraq and his manipulation of people, turning one against the other, for his own political advantage -- these were clearly the work habits of a monster."

Under Saddam, the entire system was corrupt, and everyone wanted a bribe before they would perform any task. Fear, anger, suspicion and corruption were all the adult population had ever known. The idea that you must distrust everyone and cheat in order to get ahead was embedded in their consciousness. They were a nation without God, ruled by a madman.

I am very concerned that our beloved America could become an immoral population of ungodly, greedy and lawless people, who have turned away from the one true God, who has led us to become a strong Christian nation.

This has been our heritage, but, today, the results of our people turning away from God, ignoring His teachings and moral principles, are evident in our quality of life. Marriage and the home are being attacked by unbelievers, homosexuals and immoral people, who, in the name of freedom, are trying to tear down these basic institutions.

Politicians are becoming untrustworthy, and are guilty of pursuing their own gain, instead of working for the good of our people. Many of our federal judges seem intent on misinterpreting our Constitution and making laws, which is not their job, but is the job of Congress. That was never intended by our forefathers.

These judges insist on removing all references to God from federal property, our schools, and even our money! Our Constitution was written as a conception of a government ruled by "We the people," with limits on government to protect freedom, and with control from the majority -- not the minority.

Can America survive without God? Perhaps, but certainly not with the quality of life assured when a people and nation believe in God, and put their trust in Him.

If you love our great country, please live a life that follows the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. Then, we can work together to return our government and our people back to the purposes and intent of our forefathers when they labored to give us our great constitution.

The Holy Bible, God's Word tells us how to order our lives, and live with love and discipline toward our fellow man. Jesus says, "Treat others as you would like to be treated."( Luke 6:31).

By following the teachings of the Bible, we will honor God and seek to be a friend to our neighbors. We will want the best for all people and will insist on a fair and honest government. If you are not a Christian, please consider putting your faith in God through Jesus Christ.

Becoming a Christian is as simple as ABC:

* A. We must admit our sin and seek God's forgiveness.

* B. We must believe in God and put our faith and trust in Him.

* C. We must confess our sins, which may seem hard, but it simply means asking God to forgive our sins. If we ask this in sincerity as we pray in Jesus' name, He will forgive our sins.

Please do this today! God bless you.