Local artists display their work Saturday night

By Valerie Baldowski


Locust Grove is preparing a nocturnal, art-related event designed to draw people downtown, while supporting local artists.

The Locust Grove Better Hometown Program, and the Visual Arts Collective of Henry County, will sponsor the second annual "Art After Dark" program. The event will be held Saturday, from 5 to 9 p.m., in downtown Locust Grove, said Linda Hutchison, the Locust Grove downtown development coordinator.

Art by local artists will be displayed at various locations throughout the downtown area. Visitors are invited to stroll along the sidewalks, through parks, and past businesses, said Hutchison.

The program is designed to bring people into the city, and help local artists gain exposure, she said. "It helps them [artists] get their artwork out there, so people can see their talent," she said.

There will also be wine-tastings at Locust Grove Deli, and a performance by the Ola High School orchestra in Mayor's Walk Park. Art students from the high school will display their work at CompassChurch.TV, at 170 Cleveland St., in Locust Grove, she added.

One of the artists, who said she will have her work on display, is Mary Anne Maslanka, a board member of the Visual Arts Collective and the chairperson for this year's Art After Dark Committee.

Maslanka said she will set up a booth to display her stained glass art. In addition to glass, other materials she has used to make her creations, include shells, old jewelry, and hardware items. Those art pieces will be on display, she said.

There will be also a table set up for children to create their own art. Maslanka said the artists expected to participate, work in various mediums. A "gourd artist," who makes bowls and other vessels from gourds, will set up, and a whittler will display miniature figures, and items whittled from wood.

"We have an array of different types of art to enjoy," she said.

The event will be an educational experience for youths, said the artist.

"Events like this are important," she added. "Some kids really don't get exposed to art that much. It's an outreach on the part of the Visual Arts Collective."