Direct road to Riverdale Town Center now open

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

By M.J. Subiria Arauz


A new road leading to the Riverdale Town Center complex, which provides a direct route to the Town Center, is currently open for motorists, said city officials.

The road, which opened on March 28, will allow the complex to become a regional destination. It extends from Highway 85, to Church Street, said city engineer Karl Kelley.

He added that the complex, which is located at 7200 Church St. in Riverdale, includes city hall, the community center and an amphitheater.

"Before the roadway opened...people had to make two, to three turns," said Kelley, who has been working for the city for three months. "Everyone that is unfamiliar with Riverdale would have a hard time finding it, because of the number of turns." Kelley said the construction work on Town Center Drive began about eight months ago.

Iris Jessie, city manager for Riverdale, said the property used to build the road was donated to the city.

Jessie said the city invested about $375,000 on the road project. The money derived from traffic fines and the city's operating budget, she said.

She said there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Town Center Drive sometime in May.

Jessie said the delay of the ribbon-cutting is due to the fact that the city is currently working on beautifying the roadway. It will install decorative banners, that will display the city's current logo, "Building Greatness Daily." The banners and brackets to hold them will cost the city about an additional $5,000, she said.

"We'd like to make it a very nice entry way into the Town Center," said Jessie.

She said the city is considering placing flower pots along the sides of the roadway as well.

"There will also be opportunities for new retail to go on either sides of the road, which will be really great for the city of Riverdale," said the city manager.

The city is open to working with property owners in an attempt to obtain new development there.

"The proposed development along both sides of Town Center Drive, includes approximately 52,000 square feet of new retail space," added Michael Syphoe, downtown development authority director for Riverdale.

Jessie said developers interested in adding retail space to the area, should contact Syphoe, at (404) 499-4811.