Riverdale man charged with concealing death

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

By Kathy Jefcoats


Police have charged a Riverdale man -- whose information led officers to human remains buried in a Valdosta backyard -- with felony concealing a death from authorities.

Valdosta Police Commander Brian Childress said Thursday that the arrest warrant for John Hendrell Chambers Jr., 31, has been given to the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office for service. Childress said he did not know how long it will take to transport Chambers from Clayton County to south Georgia. He was being held in the Clayton County Jail, Wednesday, for a probation violation, in a previous case.

Childress said Chambers gave police information that led to the discovery of the remains of an adult male buried in the backyard of a south Valdosta home on Church Street. Childress said he is awaiting autopsy results from the Macon Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab for more information on the remains, including an identification.

"We've been given two or three different names of who it could be, and I hope we will find out soon who it is," he said. "We think it [the case] might be related to someone who used to live in the house, but we just can't say right now."

Childress said Chambers could face other charges, and more arrests could be made pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

Childress said his department has a good record of solving homicides, but that no one even knew the victim was missing, let alone deceased.

"We're pretty successful at solving homicides, we had four last year and we cleared all of them," he said.

Chambers has a history of skirmishes with the law. Most recently, his probation was revoked March 28, 2010, and he was ordered back to jail for nine months. He pleaded guilty Feb. 29, 2008, to threatening to kill his father. Chambers was to complete drug and alcohol counseling and get mental health treatment.

He was also convicted in a Fulton County armed robbery in 2000.