Say WHAT?! - Turner, gas buy-down, furloughs and more ...

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* CSU students uneasy about tuition increase

This is part of life the price of items increase. If the students are unhappy then do what I did. Raise that right hand and serve your country. My education was paid for walking away with the graduate degrees. Point is you have an option, education is not free to anyone, and if you want it then suck it up and drive on. You have a choice so if the military is not for you then get that part time job to cover the cost and hit the books a little harder. Just my opinion on the topic as I laughed at the outrage comment. Welcome to the real world of things you want cost money.

* Henry Medical Center chooses Piedmont Healthcare

No one I know wanted Piedmont but the hospital never has been real receptive to listening to anyone. Oh did you see Piedmont latest kitchen scores--so much for the best for Henry County.

* Questions raised over commissioner's European trip

I don't have a problem with this. I wished that all of the commissioners would travel overseas more often. I might even suggest they look into capital ventures in Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq to name a few.

* Turner now says he'll run for chairman


* BOE opts for furloughs over federal money

We are all still confused as to what all of this means. You basically are still taking our money back but yet we are still having to work 5 more days at the end of the school year. None of us can afford to have that much money taken out of one paycheck no matter who we are. Again this was not thught through clearly by Dr. Heatly. Of course his paycheck will not be affected. Paraprofessionals are making below poverty level now and you want us to give

* Gas buy-down hailed as 'blessing'

It was a blessing that the church could do this.I know a lot of people are having a hard time now. My gas tank got filled up too..Thanks To All

* Gas buy-down hailed as 'blessing'

Although I did not go and get any gas, I appreciate this Church and its people helping others. It is just to bad that our government just takes and does not return. God Bless you all.

* Turner now says he'll run for chairman

Seriously? Did you forget he was "missing in action" for the last month or so of his previous adminisstration. He cost the citizens of Clayton County millions while being the worst Sheriff in Georgia history. We need Victor Hill, Kem Kimbrough, Jeff Turner and the majority of the Clayton County BOE like we need another four years of Barack Obama. Even Helen Keller can see this.

* Turner now says he'll run for chairman

Maybe Victor Hill will let Jeff be his Chief Deputy when becomes Sheriff again.

* Mosque's lease renewed by Stockbridge

Why is this news? If it were a church or any other similar establishment, it wouldn't get a half-page article in the newspaper. The law of the land, (aka the U.S. Constitution) allows for freedom of religion and worship. Sad that some folks still haven't figured that out yet.

* McDonough teen arrested in crime spree

I know this young man and he has done work for me as I am disabled. Thomas Riddle is fine young man with a kind heart that only needs guidance from those people that love him. I am astonished at the mothers ability to try and ruin this young mans life...I would never do that to my child, instead I would guide him in a loving way and allow him to right his wrong, he has been mislead trying to just fit in. He has been portrayed in this article as someone he is not, this mother should be ashamed of herself as should the journalist who wrote this article. I am appauled by the way this has be handled. At 18 years old we all have made mistakes but given an opportunity to right our wrongs as Thomas would try to do. I wish this young man the best and hope the mother eventually does the right thing. He does not deserve the treatment he is getting.

* Clayton Schools tees up for scholarships

Dr. Heatley can take the day off to play golf, but the teachers or staff can not even use one of their personal days on Fridays or Mondays anymore without their approval. Did I say we can not use one of our personal days without approval? Personal means you shouldn't have to tell anyone why you need that day off. We did not approve for him to have the day off to go have fun while we were at work getting our kids through the CRCT. Something is wrong with that picture.

* Turner to seek Clayton Sheriff's job

None of us really know all the details surrounding this issue, but we should all agree that what Clayton County needs is a Sheriff who is more committed to the needs of the citizens than his own political agenda. It appears that Mr. Turner is running for office to retaliate against the Commissioners who fired him for mismanagement. The last thing Clayton County needs now is political infighting between the Sheriff and the Commission.

* Copper thieves admit stealing from Hampton homes


* Copper thieves admit stealing from Hampton homes

Free Andrew also he was just a victim from what i was told both of them should have been at home in bed.Espically someone that has 2 kids.Wrong is wrong now they both have to pay for what they did.Maybe things want be to bad for them.

* Copper thieves admit stealing from Hampton homes

I am 1 of Andrew's cousins, and my family is very sadden to hear what has happened,this is definatley not like Andrew to steal something like this, Andrew is really a good kid, just had a hard life, and he was with the wrong person,(his aunt)which is someone you are suppose to be proud of and look up to, and unfortunatley she took him down with her. May God be with Andrew and get him through this tough time, we love you Andrew, be strong and do what you are ordered to do. Love You.

* Deputy's son assaulted at school

lady you dont know what went down on that day you should know ben was trying fight will and he made him more and just started punch him twice all he afterwards was fall to the ground. you people just assume how articles tell everthing in the story if i was you, i would find about the whole situation.

* Clayton's prison inmates help clean up county

I think this is a GREAT idea! We have had several houses in our area that were just down right disgusting. I am thankful for them doing this. Thank you!

* Clayton's transportation wish list extensive

Contrary to your stereotypical beliefs Susan, everyone who uses mass transportation, does not receive food stamps, Medicaid(free medical care), and or unemployment. I know that many of my young college- attending classmates/friends and myself would love to have the option to take the bus to connect to Marta, to attend college classes outside of Clayton county. For many different reasons,(such as not be able to afford to pay for the rising cost of tuition and room and board fees, fully out of pocket, or the college not having dormitories available), many young college students have no other option but to continue to live at home and to commute to college everyday. Just to get an education(that my parents and I are paying for fully out of pocket because my parents income is too high for me to qualify for financial aid/grants- according to their calculations anyway, and because I do not want to be buried in student loan debt when I graduate), to better contribute to my community(instead of just sitting around complaining) and to better myself I am spending sixty dollars a week alone on gas to commute to and from school. So yes, I am all for mass transportation, not only because it will save me about forty five dollars a week and gas prices are steadily rising, but it also improves traffic/congestion and the environment by causing less cars to be on the road, polluting in the metro Atlanta area. In fact I know people who make five and six figure salaries and still use Marta, even though they have a Mercedes or BMW sitting at home in the garage or at the park and ride, simply because it saves

* ELCA students, community rehab home


* Henry installs metal detector at BOC office

I think that it would have been a even better idea to install this "donated" metal detector at any one of the county's schools,to help ensure the safety of numerous children and school staff.With all of the recent reports of gang activity and increased brutal fights in Henry County schools,I think that this device along with the handheld wand, and the security provided by Henry police officers(which I can probably correctly assume is time that is NOT donated to the county on behalf of the officers, but rather time they are compensated for)would have better served the community by being utilized at one the schools.But instead,it is installed in a building that is used for community meetings that are held only 3-4 times a month,to protect a handful of government leaders and other citizens(which judging from the meetings that are aired on the local television channel are also very few),instead of potentially protecting the safety of HUNDREDS of students and staff alone at any one school

* SWAT team raid

i thought the same thing myself. how do you not know what is going on in your own home? and not to mention living right next to a church.....

* ELCA students, community rehab home

I think this is a wonderful story about community. I was just thinking how sad it is that you had to specify that the code enforcement worker was off duty states a sad state of affairs. As a citizen, if I saw the public servants of the city or county with their sleeves rolled up helping an elderly citizen, I would applaud them. But, you are right. There will be those that are small minded enough to want to make sure they weren't getting paid for their kindness and hard work. Just sayin.....

* Adamson, educators uneasy about money return

The federal jobs funds that were given to staff were designed to support saving jobs and had to be used during the FY 11 school year. The district slapped together a hasty, sloppy plan to disburse those dollars before time ran out. Now the system wants to take money from the pockets of staff to fill the system coffers in the FY 12 school year. This defeats the spirit of the use of the federal dollars. Teachers and other staff members in the Clayton County Public School district are being shortchanged with this ludicrous plan to "recoup" funds that were managed poorly from the outset. I suspect that the GaDOE and USDOE will get wind of this scheme and determine that the school system has defrauded the government.

* Federal indictments in suspected drug enterprise case

Maybe Henry County shouldn't have issued another liquor license to McCollough's bar.

* Job cuts possible for HMC affiliation candidate

Not a comforting thought if I am an employee at Hreny Med. Second or third time Piedmont has had to cut jobs in the last few years. Henry execs better take a close look at the balance sheets.

* Adamson, educators uneasy about money return

Having worked for Dr. Heatley in Chino, are ya feeling the love yet. Fear not much longer. If you look at his employment rec., he will be leaving soon....but not too soon!

* Craig, William Harold

I am so sorry to hear about your loss! Much happier times lay ahead in the near future. Jesus stated at John 5:28-29 that all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out. All those who have fallen asleep in death with be resurrected to a paradise earth under perfect conditions where we can possibly live with them forever and never have to die! What a grand prospect!!

* Young people pledge abstinence

Shame on you RG for that comment we need to encourage our people they have enough to deal with the vow of purity is an important step for all young adults I am sure going to get my children involve

* Strong Rock growing up on baseball diamond

You forgot my brother as one of the seniors on this team...his name is Colton Butts. Also, when you named the seniors, you said Cameron Duffey, his last name is Duty.

* Copper thieves admit stealing from Hampton homes

Grow=up Kaleena--she committed a crime and she has to take the penality. Everyone faces temptation.

* Deputy's son assaulted at school

First of all I like to commend Willie for admitting to his mistake and apologizing to the person he attacked. It take a lot of character. Yes, this is a serious incident that happen but this could be a lessen learn for all parties. Punishment is not always the solution,I think if the parents and authority would allow the two boys to apologize to one another in court and admit to their mistakes to one another. Instead of punishing one for what both parties contributed to. Yes, if Benjamin would be honest to himself and admit its not how the median making it out to be that both people in this attacked was the cause. We can save both of these boys future.

* Faulkner, Jeremy Pfc.

Thank you for your son Jeremey. I cannot even imagine the grief you are going thru. I do appreciate the sacrifice Jeremy made. Having 2 myself in the army who served in Iraq, I understand. May the Lord bless you and comfort your family.

* Rail advocate group ramps up Southside efforts

Please let this come before i die. I would love to be able to get into atlanta for the wondeful events but cannot make that drive as i have grown older. it would help the working man and help our children pursue jobs and work. certainly it could more cars off the street.

* Deputy's son assaulted at school

Before you pass judgement gather all the facts first. The reason why the school officials are not so talkative is because, they know that it wasn't just some random attack. Just because Benjamin is the deputy son doesn't mean that he can bully whoever he wants. If Willie Gamble is being truthful about what he did, Benjamin needs to step up and tell the truth about what he did. According to the bible everyone is held accountable of what lies they tell and the things they do. (God sees and knows all)

* Clayton Schools graduations fall on furlough day

Once again, the school system leadership has not even thought about the ramifications of not having teachers on duty at graduation. Just when we think the school system leadership has done the dumbest thing, they always find a way to top themselves with something even more stupid. I feel so sorry for the students and the teachers who have to deal with this ineptness on a daily basis.