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Man robs, shoots cabbie

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

A man who robbed and shot a cab driver in Riverdale Monday morning later shot himself in the head when confronted by officers, and was being treated at the same Atlanta hospital as his alleged victim, police said.

Clayton County police Lt. Tina Daniel said the suspect, whose identity was not immediately released, shot himself in the head with a .38-caliber handgun, as officers tried to take him into custody. He was being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Daniel said cab driver Akintoye Olabodeajewole, 36, was shot in the arm after the alleged robbery, and was also being treated at Grady. He was expected to survive, she said.

Daniel said Olabodeajewole stopped at a Wells Fargo ATM machine inside a shopping center at 5436 Riverdale Road about 11:30 a.m. and withdrew money. As he walked back to his cab, he was confronted by an armed man demanding the money. Daniel said Olabodeajewole handed over the undisclosed amount and started to run when the gunman shot him in the arm.

The gunman fled the scene as police officers with K-9 units arrived. They tracked the suspect about 19 minutes later to 5420 Riverdale Road, and were close to apprehending him when he shot himself in the head, said Daniel.

-- Kathy Jefcoats