Cops raise funds for Special OIympics

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

By Kathy Jefcoats


The stereotype of cops hanging out at the local doughnut shop, works out to the benefit of Special Olympics this weekend, as Clayton County law enforcement officers take over the Riverdale Krispy Kreme.

The Clayton County and Riverdale police departments, and Clayton Sheriff's Office will spend the weekend on the roof of the doughnut shop, and mingling in the parking lot, to collect donations for the local charity.

Lt. Tina Daniel, of the Clayton County Police Department, said her turn is tonight.

"This is such a good way to raise awareness, and money, for the Special Olympics," she said Friday. "I was out here at 7 a.m., today, and I'll be back Saturday night."

Capt. Steve Gavel, of the Clayton County Sheriff's Department, was taking his turn Friday night. He said he planned to bring up his laptop later in the evening to help occupy his time.

"I won't sleep up here, I can't sleep unless I am in my own bed, so I know I will be awake all night," said Gavel. "But I enjoy it, it's for a good cause."

Law enforcment officers all over the state are participating in the weekend fund-raiser.

Robert Jones, Riverdale Krispy Kreme assistant general manager, said it is nearly impossible to say "no" to any event benefiting Special Olympics.

"It just tears at your heart to see [Special Olympians]," said Jones. "Without a doubt, it is a good thing to do anything to help a child."

Daniel said some officers donated their lunch breaks to carry a collection bucket around the parking lot, and into the intersection, in front of the doughnut shop on Ga. 85.

"We'll be making periodic drops at the Riverdale Police Department to empty the buckets, and hope to raise about $1,000," she said.

Officers have a long tradition of supporting Special Olympics. Local departments participate in the Special Olympics Torch Run, and carry the torch from the Fayette County line, 8.9 miles, to the Fulton County line.

" [Police] Chief [Greg] Porter is very passionate about supporting the Special Olympics," said Daniel.

Officers will be collecting money at the Riverdale Krispy Kreme until about noon on Sunday.