A plan for local taxpayers

A plan for local taxpayers

To the editor:

Our local officials in Clayton County just jumped our property taxes by more than 34 percent. Gas is at $3.75 per gallon, and groceries have increased 40 percent. The job loss in Clayton County is severe, and foreclosed homes are abundant. Businesses are dropping like flies.

But our local officials think they need more money? Why? They think this will solve our problems?

The fact is, they don't have a clue as to what the problem is. The problem is -- in fact -- them, and their high-paid salaries, over-absorbent retirement funds, full health-care packages, take-home cars, etc.

I'm guessing they think the taxpayers are a bunch of dopes, and we're here for their abuse. Well, this taxpayer has a plan. No, I'm not moving. As of today, every dollar I spend on groceries, gas, eating out, anything related to sales-tax revenue in this county, I will, in fact, take my dollars to another county and spend my money outside this county.

I will not fund their over-paid salaries any more. My sales-tax revenue will be going to another county, a county that has avoided tax hikes. Now, I urge every tax-paying citizen in this county, who has the means to do this, to do so. We, the taxpayers, need to show them we're not going to stand for any more, and demand that they cut the fat. And there is a lot of fat that can be cut. Our government expenditures are like a pig on steroids.

But if the ones who can drive outside this county to do their shopping or eating out, do so, then, it will have a great impact on our local officials. We need to hit them in their pocketbooks, like they are hitting us. And, I can assure you, it will wake them up.

Going to meetings and hollering at them is not going to get us anywhere. They have taken a deaf ear to the taxpayers. But take away their income. Then, you will get their attention -- and results.

Our government employees mostly live outside this county. We have a lot of government cars leaving this county daily, powered by our tax dollars. We pay for the gas and the cars, yet we can't even afford to buy groceries. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and our government officials are wrong by asking for more tax dollars, when they have so much fat they could cut.

So, when they show me they can actually cut, and control, their spending habits, then I will bring my dollars back to this county and buy my items within this county and support this county fully.

You (government officials) might get my property-tax dollars, but you're not going to get one more penny from me on sales-tax revenue. I can take the bread out of your mouth, just like you're taking the bread out of the taxpayers' mouths.