Say WHAT?! - Lots of readers on anti-sagging-pants bandwagon

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

* Swimming legacy for Kensley

mr and mrs kirby, i am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. i hate that your going thru every parents worst nightmare. may GOD get you both and your family through this difficult times. i will be praying for you and your family.

* Community mourns fallen athlete

mr and mrs jones, i am sorry for the loss of your precious son. nothing could ever be worse than loosing a child, especially when they are so young. my heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

* Jonesboro 'sagging pants' ban has support

I imagine the Jonesboro police department will setup in the drive way next to the school across from the Xpress parking lot to ticket all those students entering or leaving the building. I hope someone sues the heck out of Jonesboro. What's next? Ticketing people who wear dreds?

* Air-conditioning unit fails, employees sent home

Wow...this is amazing! We can send adults home from working in a building with NO air but expect our students to remain at school ALL day at Union Grove High School with NO air?!!? Really? Come on Henry County Board of Education!!!!!!

* Clayton deputy hurt in wreck

I was near the location when above accident happened. No mention that utility trucks were parked half in the road with no visible "Men at work" signs? Over the last week we have had this problem in that area. There were no warning signs at all last week in the mornings when work was being done on Blackhall. Several 'almost' accidents.

* Big money on table for Butts Co. Development Authority

If we don't get some businesses in butts county to bring in revenue all the tax payers are and will continue to cover the brunt of paying taxes to run Butts County. I have ben in Butts Co for 28 years and I have seen nothing in the way of improvement for our county. When are we going to get some people in office that are willing to make the changes necessary to bring Butts Co into the current century? I am tired of paying taxes and not seeing any attempt to bring revenues from businesses that all the old people in office are not willing to allow. This is 2011. Come on people!!!!!!

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

I agree in full that we need to join Hampton, Georgia and stop these kids from wearing their so call "baggy pants." Correct it before gets totally out of control.

* Jonesboro 'sagging pants' ban has support

I have noticed the pants are down by the knees now.We have to take control, because we are dealing with ig**********t kids....and parents....,I would not alllow noone in my family to step foot in my house with their underwear showing out of respect for my household.

* Clayton deputy hurt in wreck

If it was a Deputy who crashed then why are you showing a photo of a police car?

* SACS party raises hopes for new school year

And why are we celebrating this? We should be embarrassed we lost it in the first place, but instead let's spend taxpayer money to celebrate. Shame on Clayton Co Schools.

* Teen shows no emotion during deputy-shooting hearing

He's 17 years old so not death penalty eligible.

* Air-conditioning unit fails, employees sent home

Its ashamed that the city of McDonough calls in a HVAC contractor to repair their A/C unit when their are many qualified contractors in the McDonough area that could have repaired the unit.

* A tasty 'leap of faith'

The best country food I've had since my Grandmother passed away in 1985. Not only is the food yummy, but the all of the people who work there are wonderful. They make sure everyone is happy when they leave.

* Air-conditioning unit fails, employees sent home

come sit in one of the gyms in henry county that does not have air and 80 degress will be a cold front. they did not send us home.

* Jonesboro 'sagging pants' ban has support

It was stated that the pants is not a big problem in Jonesboro. You can see it any night of the week at the Golden Corral in Jonesboro and it should not be allowed there since it is a buffet and it is unsanitary to say the least. I do not live in Jonesboro but I spend a lot of time in the city.

* Ravens relish IWFL championship to cap perfect 11-0 season

Congratulations to Atlanta's CHAMPION Ravens! I am VERY PROUD to be The Voice of the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!

* BOC narrowly approves millage-rate increase

Instead of a county manager more police should be hired. We are tired of the government gravy train...Lets see whose best friend we can pay for next.

* Academic achievement, test scores on BOE's mind

The reason students are not where they should be is the terribel behavior exhibited by some students. It is disruptive and harmful to the learning environment. Until teachers can remove disruptive and or mean studnets learning will not be what is expected. Parental support of the schools is necessary and until all are on the bus nothing will change. The coaches did very little.

* Jonesboro 'sagging pants' ban has support

I commend the city council on proposing this ordinance. I run a youth serving agency in Jonesboro and am tired of asking young people to pull up their pants. I have actually had to post signs on the door. Passing of this ordinance would help those of us working with youth to channel our energy toward assisting them in job skills and other life skills training. Bravo!!!!!

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

......It's a crying shame that we have to create laws, to force these lopsided morons to pull up their pants in public places !!

* Former Morrow official fights charges

While Lampl was the city manager, the Mayor and Council made the final decision on each stage of development. Lampl's employees handled day-to-day construction. It was their responsibility to get bids and assure contracts. Lampl trusted his staff to handle lawful requirements. How can one person be blamed when so many had a part in it?

* Sagging pants now illegal attire in Hampton

What a ridiculous waste of time and resources. As if Henry County wasn't already the laughingstock of the metro area, we now have this. The irony is that a 300-lb. man could walk all over town in nothing but a speedo because there's no law against that!

* Sagging pants now illegal attire in Hampton

Excellent job, Hampton! As a citizen of the city I am tired of seeing the disrespect of people showing their underwear. I support this law whole heartedly!

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

i really think so should.i am tried of looking at mens underwear in public places

* Dogs were living in their own waste

"Spade" and neutered? Don't you mean SPAYED and neutered? If you write for a living, then you need to know the difference between "spade" (a type of shovel; also one of the 4 suits used in a deck of cards; also a politically-incorrect slang term for an African-American male) and "spayed" (the past tense of the verb "to spay" which means to surgically remove the ovaries of an animal).

* Say WHAT?! - '... Trash is the new class of America'

Re: sagging pants law - sometimes laws have to be passed to protect the innocent from the stupidity and rudeness of others whose parents refuse to do their proper job of teaching responsibility. Oh, that goes for kids' performance and behavior in school, too. It's not always the teacher's fault.

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

Having substitute taught in Henry Schools and shopped Henry's stores, it would be fantastic to see this law passed in Henry County. The worst offending school is Stockbridge High where the teachers and administration seem to be blind. The school is full of every dress code violation in the student handbook.

* Accused killer committed to the state at 13

I strongly support legal gun rights for all citizens. I do believe that stopping the illegal guns on our streets would go a long way in deterring crime. T, I am sure that you are fully prepared to protect yourself and yours, but what happens when you don't have that protection in your hand and you are staring down the barrel of an illegal gun in the hand of a felon?

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

This is actually a very good idea, if used properly! ALL Clayton jurisdictions should enact this and then begin ticketing every example they see. That way, the BOC can RETRACT THE OPPRESSIVE NEW PROPERTY TAXES of 4.5 - 5 MILS and shift the burden to someone else for once. To paraphrase our Illustrious President, this will "Spread the theft [taxes] around..."

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

If Mayor Maddox actually believes the issue of sagging pants is not widespread in Jonesboro, he needs to get out into the community he's supposed to be serving a little more. In most communities, just looking out the window will reveal the prevalence of saggy pants. Fashion sense community-wide has been reduced to "who can look the bummiest, most poverty stricken or most degenerate?" These attempts to promote the look of being a low-living individual has also crossed generational lines as we witness parents AND children seemingly unaware of the location of their waists nor the fronts of their heads. If the height of the wearing of pants is what will continue to determine what is hip, cool or gangsta, and left unchecked by the lack of a minimum of self-esteem by the perpetrators, you can expect to see the so-called hip-hop generation shuffling around with their pants around their ankles.

* Moving on with many fond memories

Good luck in your next adventure Doug. Always enjoyed reading your work and having you in the stands at our games!!! We knew you were out to promote the players and programs rather than try to find dirt or create it when you couldn't. I know God has great things for you in the next place you're headed. Keep in touch. Sincerely, Coach Crump

* Former publisher joins SCNI as VP of advertising

This looks like a mug shot ... I clicked on the article to see what he got arrested for lol.

* Jonesboro may join anti-sagging pants bandwagon

I don't know were the Mayor hangs out I see these uneducated clowns all over town

* Clayton residents protest proposed tax increase

While a tax increase is necessary at this time why put a sunset provision which would roll the millage rate back in a few years. The 14 furlough days where already taken off the table once the airport was sold so now the county is just being greedy. There is obviously no economic development happening and the county looks a mess! Where are the current dollars going now? and if the new county manager will not have executive authority what good is the position? Ill take a 150k to make recommendations to someone else that is making 150k